Get Ready

It’s a new world – one where boundaries on knowledge and understanding have been removed, replaced by a palpable sense of possibility and a responsibility to take advantage of all that is before us.  It is a world that demands creative and critical thinking, with people, communities, and nations coming together to work toward the common good, while enabling each individual to realize his or her aspirations.  It is a world that demands an education focused not on theory but on reality – on teaching the skills and values that will prepare students for careers and lives that are both fulfilling and of consequence.

Hawken School prepares you for the world and for the opportunities it offers. 

Hawken School | Lower & Middle Schools, 5000 Clubside Rd, Lyndhurst, OH 44124
Upper School, PO Box 8002 (12465 County Line Rd), Gates Mills, OH 44040
Gries Center, 10823 Magnolia Dr, Cleveland, OH 44106