Why I Give

The reasons Hawken alumni, parents, and friends give to Hawken School are as varied as they are personal. Whether you’re an alumnus moved by nostalgia from your days on campus, celebrating a reunion, honoring a faculty member, a parent grateful for your child’s experience, or inspired by the School’s forward-focused mission and passionate students, your reasons for supporting Hawken create a unique and meaningful education for Hawken students. We are excited to share some of those reasons here. 
Please share with us why you give to Hawken.

We gave to the Hawken Fund to express our gratitude for not only the safe, supportive, and nurturing school environment but also the innovative, personalized, and inspiring educational experiences that Hawken has provided to our daughter Fiona, especially during the challenging time of the pandemic.

Jun Ru & Yaru Fang

We felt it was important to make a gift to the Hawken Fund as a way to show our gratitude. Making the decision to transfer in her sophomore year was a challenging one, but from the first moment neither she nor we have had a single regret. Despite the unique circumstances presented by the safety protocols, Krista is seen and known by the faculty, her classes are engaging and challenging, and the athletics program is professionally run (especially critical in a pandemic).

Our gift also feels like a promise, to give what we can now, and to hopefully pay it forward in the future. 

Venta and Matt Cantwell

My son came to Hawken from one of the best elementary schools in Beijing. Obviously, Hawken is much better for him. He likes Hawken's classes as well as his teachers. They have treated him in a very patient way. I have to say Daniel is a lucky boy. I am so happy that I found a great school fitting for him.

Li Tian

We give to Hawken because we cannot imagine not giving back to the place that teaches our children every day, not only to succeed, but to soar. Hawken is at its very core a school - but it is so much more than an educational institution. It is a community of like-minded individuals who seek to build inquisitive minds, foster spirited and civil debate and conversation, and provide the essential foundation for these children who will one day change the world. It is an honor for us to support Hawken and Scott Looney's bold vision for its future.

Leah and Matthew MacRaild

We give because Hawken gives so much to us! The teachers, administrators and others invest so much in our son's happiness, education, character and future. They see him for the individual he is--not just a collection of test scores or extracurricular activities, but for the person he is and for his potential. Crucially, Hawken helped make it affordable for us to be here. We want to give back however we can--with our time, by sharing our good opinion and, whenever we can, by donating to the Hawken Fund.

Sunny and Jeremy Morton

I continue to support Hawken because I spent the better part of 42 years at Hawken - two years as a Middle School student (pre-Upper School existence), and 38 years on the faculty. During those 42 years I truly loved the atmosphere, where "FAIR PLAY" was not merely a motto but truly a practice that I felt and observed in the classrooms, the hallways, the dining room, as well as the athletic facilities. Also, my son, Trip, class of '92 was a lifer at Hawken and received 12 really fine years there. I truly love Hawken School and the atmosphere and culture that it exemplifies.

Alan MacCracken '54

Hawken instilled a respect for learning, reason, hard work, and excellence. It inspired curiosity about the world and gave me the tools I have used to explore it ever since. Hawken demanded more than I was able to give. But by pushing me to my limits it enlarged my horizons, and enriched every aspect of my life, and I will always be grateful for that.

Alan Hoffman '64

I give to the Hawken Fund because Hawken provided me with more than I could have ever asked for and the least I can do is give back. From life-long friends and memories to skill sets that helped set me apart from my peers in college and grad school, Hawken prepared me to succeed. I am frequently reminded that my Hawken experience helped shape my early success.

Sydney Calabro Hieronymus '15

I entered Hawken in 9th grade and was struck by how the staff and faculty (even teachers I never took a class with) made me feel like they knew me well and cared personally about my education. I found myself not only really engaged in learning, but truly happy and comfortable in school for the first time ever. The skills I learned, both in and out of class, have served me well. More importantly, the freedom I was given to explore and discover on my own has served me well. Hawken immediately felt like 'home' to me, and the four years I spent there proved key to many things later in life. Now, I am a Hawken parent, with a son in first grade. I'm experiencing the Lower School through his eyes and I'm constantly reminded of what a marvelous and unique place it truly is. I'm very proud to support the school, as it has always proudly supported me.

Andrew Rothman '94
Hawken Alumnus & Parent

I have great fondness for Hawken and am appreciative of the wonderful education and memories. As a "1.5" generation immigrant, I am sure that I would have had a bigger struggle culturally and socially at the small, east coast liberal arts college I attended if Hawken had not been a critical stopping ground between my small town Ohio public middle school and college. I received generous financial aid during my time at Hawken and want to support the school's resources so that Hawken can continue to educate students from diverse backgrounds.

Julie Suh '93
Hawken Alumna

My personal development at home with parents, four younger brothers and neighbor friends, coupled with nine years of Hawken, shaped me in a most positive manner. Teachers Elmer Sipple, Mortimer Smeed, and Charlie Poutasse had a profound influence on my development. Also headmasters Carl N. Holmes and Richard W. Day were able caring leaders. These men (and others) influenced my future career work as I was inspired by age 11 to “follow in their footsteps” and I became a school man for almost 50 years. My first position after college was as an apprentice teacher at Hawken. Our Barnes, Fiordalis, White collective family group has benefited immensely from Hawken. Since 1925, to the present day, more than a dozen boys, and now girls, attended Hawken. Vicariously I have witnessed the 21st century version of Hawken under the visionary leadership of Head of School Scott Looney through the eyes of my two grandchildren. They were challenged and supported by a gifted faculty and staff. Both blossomed and have developed into outstanding young adults. Counting my many blessings, family and Hawken stand atop the list. It is with deep personal gratitude that I continue to support my alma mater today as best I can.

Vincent Fiordalis II '57
Alumnus, Alumni Grandparent

I give to Hawken because I am constantly reminded of -- and always thankful for -- the skills and general life lessons Hawken taught me. In college, I felt far more prepared than my peers, especially in terms of strong writing skills which Hawken instills in all of its students. Public speaking skills and how to advocate for myself also took root at Hawken and served me well in college and now in my business life. I also give to Hawken in appreciation for the community there. Many of my best friends today are those I made all the way back to the 2nd grade at Hawken.

Taylor Johnson '11
Hawken Alumna

The education foundation that I gained at Hawken is one that continues to pay dividends in my personal and professional life. Hawken’s mission to develop the intellect and character of its students is one that truly makes the world a better place. I give because I believe in that mission and I know that my gift is an investment in students who will continue to change the world for the better.

Leon Pryor '92
Hawken Alumnus

I give to Hawken both because of traditional school "loyalty" reasons, and because Hawken is most definitely not just resting on its laurels. Hawken has always had great teachers, and a wonderful spirit, but more recently it has pushed into innovative educational approaches, and has become a recognized leader, not only among private schools in Cleveland, but among all schools nationally, and to some extent internationally. Hawken has always engaged their students through great teachers and small classes, but now it is engaging students further with innovative, participatory, interactive approaches to the educational material itself. Hawken recognizes that in today's world, it isn't so much about the content, it is about the problem solving and knowledge "wrangling" capability that will make today's students into tomorrow's leaders. It is a real thrill to see Hawken leading the way, and when I give to Hawken, I feel like I am doing more than just helping a single great school in Cleveland; I feel like I am helping to advance the ideas of how an educational experience can best help students grow to become extraordinary, confident, generous, and inspirational contributors to our global society.

Tucker Taft '70
Hawken Alumnus


We give to the Hawken Fund so that other students can benefit from all that Hawken has to offer. We give to support the work of the existing Hawken community and to say thank you for everything our children have experienced. With a Hawken graduate, an 11th grader, and four nieces in the lower school, Hawken is an important part of our lives and our family. We appreciate the opportunity to support the Hawken Fund each year because we believe in Hawken's purpose and promise.

Ryan & Terri Marrie
Hawken Parents, Faculty

As current Hawken parents, and Josiah an alumnus of the school, we are able to see first-hand the amazing things the school is doing to provide a better place for our children to learn. A strong education, supportive community, and resilient value system are the best things we as parents can provide for our children. Hawken helps strengthen these ideals with our children. We value the individualism that Hawken School encourages and the joy our son has for learning. In an effort to continue Hawken School’s growth we feel it is important to give back to the school through volunteerism and through giving to the Hawken Fund.

Josiah '99 & Dana Haas
Hawken Parents

We give because we have witnessed firsthand how our child benefits from the wide variety of experiences Hawken has to offer. We are well aware that tuition alone cannot support these resources and we are proud to support the school by contributing to the Hawken Fund.

Sandra and Bill Lehr
Hawken Parents

I support Hawken for the continued promise of Fair Play in high quality education! 
Shawn Shores, Hawken Parent


As an alumnus and alumni parent, I give to Hawken in a number of ways. I give my time and talent out of appreciation for all that Hawken gave to me and my children during our years as students. I give to the Hawken Fund so that others can benefit from the unique opportunities that are Hawken.
Lauren Pacini '59Alumnus & Alumni Parent


I attended Hawken for the last three years of my high school career which was at a time in my life when I wasn't certain about who I was or what my future might be. Hawken invested in me, in the form of a generous scholarship and jobs over vacation breaks, at a very critical time in my life. I have given to Hawken for the last 30 years to pay it back for the dollars it invested in me. I also have given to Hawken so I can help to provide prospective students with the same opportunity I received.

Carl Smith '74

As a faculty member, I’m inspired to give to the Hawken Fund because I know there’s only so much I can do in my role, and I want to invest in every one of my colleagues and students.
Anna Delia
STEM Support Specialist

We’re pleased to support the Hawken Fund because we believe in the School. It’s great to be able to direct our gift to the programs that our boys enjoy the most and know that we’re making an immediate impact on their experiences.
Linda Lee and Tim Chang
Hawken Parents

We give to the Hawken Fund because we know tuition alone doesn’t provide the resources for all of the amazing experiences that Hawken provides. We want to ensure that students have every opportunity to grow in character and intellect.
Tal and Brian ’98 Rothstein
Hawken Parents

My family took a leadership role in making the Innovation Lab a reality because we believe in Scott Looney’s vision. We are proud to support this kind of learning experience for current and future generations of Hawken students.
Cathy and Larry Goldberg
Hawken Grandparents

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