Visit us!

Lower & Middle School

Toddler - Grade 8
Lyndhurst Campus
Parent Visit - Virtual
Wednesday, 9/29/21, 7:00 pm
Parent Visit
Thursday, 10/21/21, 9:00 am
Open House 
Sunday, 11/21/21, 1:00 pm
Parent Visit
Tuesday, 12/7/21, 7:00 pm
Open House
Sunday, 4/10/22, 1:00 pm

Birchwood School

Preschool - Grade 8
Cleveland-West Campus

Open House
Sunday, 10/24/21, 2:00 pm
Open House
Sunday, 1/16/22, 2:00 pm

Upper School

Grades 9 - 12
Gates Mills Campus
Parent Visit – Virtual
Tuesday, 9/21/21, 12:30 pm
Parent Visit
Thursday, 10/14/21, TBD
Open House
Sunday, 11/7/21, 1:00 pm
Open House
Sunday, 4/24/22, 1:00 pm

Mastery School

Grades 9 - 12
University Circle Campus

Coffee at Luna
Wednesday, 9/22/21, 9:00 am

Parent Visit – Hybrid
Thursday, 9/30/21, 1:00 pm

Student Group Visit
Monday, 10/11/21, 9:00 am
Parent Visit
Tuesday, 10/19/21 1:00 pm
Open House
Sunday, 11/14/21, 1:00 pm
Parent Visit 
Thursday, 12/2/21, 10:00 am
Parent Visit – Virtual
Tuesday, 1/4/22, 6:00 pm
Open House
Sunday, 5/1/22, 1:00 pm
Events will be virtual if they are unable to be held in person.

Welcome from the Admission Office

We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about Hawken School, a coeducational day school that offers a challenging, real-world education for students from toddler through grade 12. 
Hawken was founded to be different - because that’s what it takes to prepare students to thrive in a changing world. From becoming co-educational in 1973 to designing innovative schedules, programs, and learning spaces that support learning by doing, Hawken boldly adapts to and reflects the values of the present to prepare students for a promising future. 
With $10.3 million in tuition assistance to 45% of our student body, we welcome students and families from all backgrounds. While you’ll find an abundance of information on our website, we will be providing ways for you to get to know us and learn about our innovative, nationally recognized programming. Click here to inquire online and we’ll keep you informed of upcoming events.
We look forward to welcoming you!
Kathy O’Neal
Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management

Get to know us!

Hawken offers a variety of ways to help parents make the important decision of where and how to educate their children. One of the best ways to get to know us is to visit.

  • Parents can experience school in session during one of our weekday Parent Visits
  • Families meet faculty and tour facilities at an Open House
  • Families can schedule a personal tour or meeting with a member of our admission team. 
For more information contact the Admission Office at 440-423-2950 (Lower and Middle School), 440-423-2955 (High School), or 440-423-8801 (Mastery School).

For directions to our campuses, please click here.
Click the links below or call our offices:

Lyndhurst Campus
Toddler - Grade 8

Gates Mills Campus
Grades 9-12

Cleveland-West Campus
Preschool - Grade 8 

University Circle Campus
Grades 9-12

Application Timelines

Hawken School is currently taking applications on a space-available basis for the 2021-2022 school year. To inquire, please email or call:

Grades Toddler-8, Lower & Middle School, in Lyndhurst     440-423-2950
Grades 9-12, Upper School, in Gates Mills
Grades 9-12, Mastery School of Hawken, in University Circle        440-423-8801 

Families interested in applying for the 2022-2023 school year should begin their applications in the fall of 2021 and note the deadlines below.

Application Deadline, Grades Toddler-12      January 14, 2022
Flexible Tuition Deadline, Grades K-12
January 14, 2022
Notification Date, All Grades February 11, 2022
Responses Due, All Grades   February 25, 2022

Application Process

Hawkens's application process is thoughtfully designed to allow us to get to know your child and your family. Please note that there may be changes to the procedures below to comply with COVID-19 safe practices and testing availability.


Create an Online Account

To begin the application process, create an online account by clicking here. Then do the following online: 

  • Submit the application form and $40 application fee
  • Upload a photo of your child
  • Submit the Parent/Guardian Questionnaire
  • Submit Student Questionnaire (Grades 1-12)


Student Visits

Grades 6-8: Student Visit Day
Students applying to grades 6-8 will engage with our campus community and have the opportunity to experience learning at Hawken. To schedule please call the Lyndhurst Admission office at 440-423-2950. 

Grades 9-12: Virtual Visit Day
Students engage with our campus community and complete their admission interview. To schedule this required part of the application process call 440-423-2955 for the Upper School, and 440-423-8801 for the Mastery School. Please note that the application and application fee must be submitted in order to schedule a visit day. Students applying to both the Upper School and the Mastery School will need to schedule visit days at both campuses. 


Delegate the Evaluation and Recommendation Forms

  • Caregiver Observation Form: Through your secure online Ravenna account you will be prompted to send a link for the Caregiver Observation Form. Please delegate this form to a daycare provider, babysitter, nanny, or someone who has spent time with and/or caring for your child. We ask that you send it to someone other than a relative. Once they have completed the form, it will be sent to us directly.
Preschool, Prekindergarten, Kindergarten:
  • Caregiver Observation Form: Through your secure online Ravenna account you will be prompted to send a link for the Caregiver Observation Form. Please delegate this form to a daycare provider, babysitter, nanny, or someone who has spent time with and/or caring for your child. We ask that you send it to someone other than a relative. Once they have completed the form, it will be sent to us directly.
  • Teacher Observation Form: If your child is currently enrolled in a school or daycare program, use the prompt in the online application to send his/her current teacher a link to complete the Teacher Observation Form. Once the teacher has completed this information, it will be sent to us directly. This form is required for any student currently enrolled in a program. If your child is not currently nor has ever attended a program, please bypass this step in the application.
Grades 1-12:
  • English and Math Evaluations: Delegate the Teacher Evaluation forms to the current English and math teachers from the online application using teacher email addresses. Teachers will complete and submit the evaluations online.
  • School Administrator or Guidance Counselor Evaluation: Delegate the evaluation to the appropriate Principal, Guidance Counselor, or school administrator. The administrator will complete and submit the evaluation online.
  • Optional Personal Recommendation: Delegate the optional personal recommendation to a non-family member who knows the applicant well, such as a coach, clergy member, scout leader, music or art instructor, or an additional teacher. The recommendation will be submitted online.

Requests are best made after the first marking period in order to allow time for teachers to get to know your child. All evaluations and recommendations are due by the January 15, 2021 application deadline.  


Print and Submit the School Records Release Form to Current School

Applicants to Grades 1-12 print and sign the School Records Release form through the online application and take to their current school. Schools submit the requested records directly to the Hawken School Admission Office. Hawken requires transcripts and/or report cards from the 2020-21 school year (through the most recent marking period) and the complete 2019-20 academic year.



Grades Toddler-5:
The Student Discovery Day (required) is an interactive experience with Hawken teachers for applicants Toddlers through Grade 5. Sessions for 2022-2023 applicants are:
  • Saturday, December 11, 2021
  • Saturday, January 8, 2022
Schedule your child's Discovery Day visit through your secure online Ravenna account. Please note that this is a required step in the application process for your child and may be a virtual event.

Grades 6-8:
The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is required for students applying to Grades 6-8. Applicants may register online for the test at Please note that the deadline to register for the test is three weeks prior to the test date. Hawken's Lower and Middle School ISEE code is 365940. The ISEE is offered at Hawken’s Lyndhurst campus for applicants to Grades 6-8 on the following dates:
  • Saturday, December 4, 2021, 8:30 am
  • Saturday, January 8, 2022, 8:30 am

Grades 9-12:

All students applying for grades 9-12 must submit ISEE scores. Applicants may register online for the test at Please note that advanced registration is required. The ISEE is offered at Hawken’s Gates Mills and University Circle campuses for applicants to Grades 9-12 on the following dates:
  • Saturday, November 20, 2021, 8:30 am, GM
  • Saturday, December 4, 2021, 8:30 am, UC
  • Saturday, January 8, 2022, 8:30 am, GM & UC

For students entering 11th and 12th grades, submission of PSAT, SAT I, or ACT scores is acceptable for exams taken within the last year.


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Mastery School of Hawken, 11025 Magnolia Dr, Cleveland, OH 44106

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