Grade 6
Advanced Math
  • Covers single and multi-step solutions to and applications of integers, and rational numbers expressions and equations
  • Introduces defining, writing, and evaluating simple algebraic expressions and equations
  • Also explores concepts in geometry, measurement, probability, and statistics

Grade 7
  • Reviews knowledge of fundamental numeric relationships almost exclusively with multi-step equations and expressions with the addition of the radical operation
  • Numeric relationships are generalized to more abstract algebraic representations
  • The function concept is introduced, and much greater emphasis is placed on applications and graphical representations, including scatterplots, equations, and inequalities - focused almost exclusively on linear relationships

Grade 8
  • A complete introduction to algebraic relations and functions as well as the manipulation of algebraic expressions
  • Linear and absolute value functions are mastered in multiple representations with introductions to quadratics, general polynomials, and exponentials
  • Other manipulations include inequalities, systems, factoring, and the concept of mathematical equivalence
  • All of these are explored both in theoretical and applied scenarios
Geometry (some 8th grade, typically 9th)
  • A complete exploration of theoretical and applied uses of the measurement, components, classification, and comparison of geometric shapes
  • Procedures include continued use of simple multi-step algebraic equation solving, an introduction to right triangle trigonometry, and the formalities of deductive and inductive logic
  • The course studies lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, general polygons, Platonic solids, circles, spheres, cylinders, cones, and polyhedra
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