World Language

  • Introduces a variety of languages through song and literacy activities in the daily environment   
  • Begins to explore different languages, their uses, and their sounds     
  • Introduces more formalized programming through Afternoon Enrichment in preparation for Mandarin Chinese and Spanish beginning in Prekindergarten.


  • Understands simple introductions and greetings   
  • Identifies and recites numbers, colors, animals, fruits and vegetables with the help of prompts and visuals     
  • Participates in songs, stories and games

Mandarin Chinese
  • Responds appropriately to greetings and farewells   
  • Introduces oneself and engages in a simple conversation   
  • Identifies colors   
  • Recites numbers 1 to 10 and the names of animals, family members, and food   
  • Participates in songs and activities


  • Responds appropriately to formal and informal greetings   
  • Asks and responds to basic questions about family members, animals, body parts, community buildings, and clothing   
  • Recites numbers 0-30

Mandarin Chinese 
  • Conducts simple self-introductions and courteous conversations   
  • Recites numbers 1-31 by 1’s and 1-100 by 10’s   
  • Recognizes Chinese characters 1-10   
  • Uses basic sentences to express feelings, likes and dislikes
An independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school, toddler through grade 12

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