Visual Arts

Grade 1
  • Encourages personal expression and originality as well as skill development and craftsmanship while introducing students to new materials and concepts   
  • Learns about other artists, discusses and interprets works of art, and creates and assesses their own work   
  • Builds on prior skills and develops vocabulary and visual awareness   
  • Introduces the works of M.C. Escher as inspiration for imaginative “transformer” drawings   
  • Presents the elements of design – line, shape, color, texture, pattern and symmetry

Grade 2
  • Explores the work of other artists, discusses and interprets visual arts on a daily basis   
  • Celebrates the importance and value of student work   
  • Introduces students to The Atelier within The Nido that is used for multiple medias of artistic exploration   
  • Incorporates a small art studio in each classroom and prominently utilizes the elements of art and design throughout the curriculum

Grade 3
  • Expands creative efforts with the use of personal experiences, imagination and recall   
  • Draws depth with simple one-point perspective   
  • Explores a variety of techniques and media in various combinations   
  • Learns to use correct proportions and details   
  • Learns to make color choices and create tints, tones and shades   
  • Learns to create 3-dimensional and kinetic art   
  • Understands the elements of space: foreground, middle ground, and background   
  • Develops an appreciation for art history and aesthetics

Grade 4
  • Applies basic elements and principles of design to artworks based on imagination and observation   
  • Draws basic shapes and changes them to 3-dimensional drawings and solid forms   
  • Begins basic two-point linear perspective   
  • Focuses on sketching techniques   
  • Uses colors and values to express a mood   
  • Understands and respects originality and ownership of visual artworks of their own and others   
  • Attempts creative lettering styles   
  • Develops a positive attitude toward viewing and appreciating other artworks

Grade 5
  • Expresses imagination through more complex methods   
  • Begins to show a degree of craftsmanship   
  • Demonstrates ability in design by variation in lines, shapes, color, sizes and textures   
  • Applies the basic design principles of balance, repetition, dominance, accent and unity   
  • Explores sculpting methods   
  • Draws two-point perspective with a variety of ground levels   
  • Works with complementary colors to create a mood   
  • Produces simple, practical layouts   
  • Studies artistic accomplishments of contemporary, historic and prehistoric cultures
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