Grade 1
  • Learns how to scientifically observe, question and experiment   
  • Participates in science labs constructing tools and models, using scientific equipment, manipulating objects and substances, and observing natural phenomenon   
  • Studies units on insects, balance and motion, and plants using outdoor campus and Poutasse Woods

Grade 2
  • Observes living and non-living things and uses tools to investigate, describe and record their properties   
  • Plans strategy, procedures and necessary tools for an investigation on a consistent basis   
  • Asks questions, forms hypotheses, conducts investigations, and then modifies the hypotheses based on what is learned   
  • Identifies and practices ways to care for the environment on a consistent basis
Grade 3
  • Collects and organizes data   
  • Sets up and conducts an experiment   
  • Draws general conclusions and makes inferences based on experiment results   
  • Creates and tests a hypothesis    
  • Labels a cross-section diagram

Grade 4
  • Describes archeological artifacts and hypothesizes what recovered artifacts suggest about past lifestyles   
  • Acquires and practices manipulative skills associated with measurement tools and applies math concepts to metric measurement   
  • Observes and records physical characteristics of substances and chemical reactions   
  • Understands the components of good nutrition   
  • Describes the general properties of magnets and applies knowledge of circuitry to new situations and problems

Grade 5
  • Conducts a controlled experiment using variables, graphs and metric measurements   
  • Develops investigation strategies and collaborates to develop a design    Designs and builds devices that accomplish stated goals relating to color, light and vision   
  • Researches tropical rain forests using the internet, library and other sources   
  • Identifies renewable and non-renewable energy sources and addresses current political issues relating to solar energy
An independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school, toddler through grade 12

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