Stay in Shape Saturday - Featuring Julia Newman '20

Finn Lincoln '21
Student-athletes are among the many groups that have been significantly impact by this crisis. With school campuses and many centers of athletic activity closed, these dedicated athletes do not have an opportunity to get the same amount of exercise. This submission highlights one of Hawken’s student athletes and the way that she has stayed active, both physically and with her team, during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order

Staying in Shape with: Julia Newman (Lacrosse)
Julia Newman is a senior captain of the lacrosse team. She plays midfield and also runs cross-country for the school. She will be attending St. Olaf in the fall.

How Julia stays in shape
3-6 Mile Runs On Typical Days.
Various Strength/Core Routines via Coach Kris

Skill Work:
Passing with Family
Wall Ball
How Julia stays connected with her team:
“Hawken has recently made a Girls Lax Instagram account, so we have stayed connected through that. We also have a frequently used group chat.”
More about what lacrosse at Hawken means to Julia:
            “I for sure most miss being out on the field with my teammates and just having a good time,” notes Newman. Last season, the girls team found a great deal of success as they qualified for regional finals, unfortunately losing to Chagrin Falls. Newman notes that the team had large goals in terms of repeating their success.
            She goes on to explain that they continued to train into quarantine: “Coach Kris has been sending out workouts through this new app/website that has various strength and core routines.” The goals were obviously there as the team pushed to be prepared for a potential season, even through quarantine. However, as many know, the season has been canceled due to the presence of the virus. This unfortunate outcome lead Newman to remark, “I am so disappointed that my last lacrosse season has been cancelled. I was really looking forward to playing this year with my fellow seniors.”
            The spring season of athletics is preferred by many due to nice weather and the end-of-year excitement. For Newman specifically, “the spring seasons are always so much fun because the end of the school year is wrapping up and all the seniors are in college, so there is so much excitement that unfortunately has now diminished to nothing.” This reality is one that many seniors have had to face, and Newman is no exception.
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