Stay in Shape Saturday - Featuring Danny Ecker '20

Finn Lincoln '21
Student-athletes are among the many groups that have been significantly impact by this crisis. With school campuses and many centers of athletic activity closed, these dedicated athletes do not have an opportunity to get the same amount of exercise. This submission highlights one of Hawken’s student athletes and the way that he has stayed active, both physically and with his team, during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order.

Staying in Shape with: Danny Ecker (Track and Field)
Danny Ecker is a senior captain of the track and field team. He participates in many of the sprint events. Danny also was a 2-year captain of the soccer team.

How Danny stays in shape
Danny usually does core workouts in the mornings and then does the sprint workout of the day from the track coaches.

Example of a week of workouts for Danny:
150m (x4) 4 min rest
Dynamic warmup
                • (3x) 3x30m 2min
                • (ri) 6-8min rest between sets...
                • from 3 point (technical minded)
***No cool-down stretch later at home***

Dynamic warmup
                • (Light day, foam roll after practice)
                • Hurdle mobility,
                • Hip flexor band work, ankle walks, core.
Dynamic warmup
                • (2×) 2x60m 1×90 technical but fast
                • 2 min (ri) 8-10 rest between sets...TIME IF POSSIBLE
                • 800m cool down
Dynamic warmup
•                • Run diagonally across football field (70 yards in 15-20 sec)
•                • Relaxed, use good form
•                • Walk 50 yards
•                • Repeat for a total of 8x rest 3 minutes after first 4
20 minute light jog, very slow for recovery
How Danny stays connected with his team:
“We have been using a group me to stay in contact. Our coaches have been sending us workouts to do every week. Kris has been very helpful in creating the group in the TeamBuilder app and then posting workouts for us to do.”

More about what track at Hawken means to Danny:
“The thing I miss the most about track is definitely being with our team. We have an amazing team environment. I miss the jokes, the hard work, and the encouragement from my coaches during our workouts.” Ecker has been an important member of the team for all four years of his high school career. His event of preference is the 4x400 relay. He describes the adrenaline of the situation: “Running the last 100 to the finish line in front of all the fans and runners screaming at me to run faster is one of the best moments I have had as an athlete.”
Ecker describes the experiences he had in his first three years on the team and how he had always aspired to become a great team leader when he became a senior. He claims that “both the good times and bad times truly inspired me to be a strong leader when I became a senior. It is disappointing to miss this opportunity, as I feel as though everything has led up to this senior season for me.” Ecker unfortunately has to come to terms with the fact that he will likely be unable to participate in his final season of athletics and realize his big goals for the season in terms of making it to districts, regionals, and eventually, states. He also reminisces about the experiences he will miss such as bus rides and spending time with his team. In the end, Ecker reflects, “To know that I may have run my last race in a Hawken uniform deeply saddens me.”
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