Hawken Projects Selected for State and National Awards by ASA

Congratulations to the students who created winning posters for the Data Visualization Contest sponsored by the American Statistical Association!

The 2019 national award winners from Hawken are: Gabriela Montero ’22, who won first place in the grades 7-9 category for her poster Shopping Online vs In StoresMilena Fernsler ’22, who won second place in the grades 7-9 category for her poster How do you Oreo?; and the 4th grade team consisting of Michelle Harrow ‘27Rebecca Harrow ‘27Bryn Gordon ‘27, and Hayden Makuch ‘27, who won second place in the grades 4-6 category for their poster Do People Eat as Healthy as They Think? 
In addition to these national winners, we had the following winners in the Grades 4-6 Division: Eleanor Klinger '25 took first place in Ohio; Bryn Gordon ’27Michelle Harrow ’27Rebecca Harrow ’27, and Hayden Makuch ’27 took second place in Ohio; Katie Blossom '26 and Anya Simpfendorfer '26 took third place in Ohio; Chloe Burns '26, Ruby Kaufman '26, and Kate Russell '26 received Honorable Mention in Ohio; and Dylan Dykstra '26 and Owen Edwards '26 received Honorable Mention in Ohio. 
In the Grades 7-9 Division, Niya Patel ’22 and Arya Ramachandran ’22 won first in Ohio; Milena Fernsler ’22 won second in Ohio; Susanna Harrow ’22 won third in Ohio; Gaby Montero ’22 won Honorable Mention in Ohio; and Jordan Hunt ’22 and Destynn Keuchel ’22 won Honorable Mention in Ohio.

Way to go, Hawks!

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