Interdisciplinary Science Project Combines Research, Writing, and Diversity Awareness

The next time you are on the Lyndhurst campus, take time to check out the sixth grade science cards project! You’ll find the finished product posted on the wall of the sixth grade science class and in a sixth grade hallway.
Students were tasked with creating a set of 64 cards representing a diverse group of scientists throughout history. For help in compiling a diverse deck of cards, they referred to a list of cultural identifiers that included factors such as age, race, gender, ethnicity, and educational background. Using the FactCite database to conduct their research, students answered a series of questions about the scientists and added images and citations. The final step in creating the cards was placing images and titles on the front of the card and a concise narrative based on their research on the reverse side of the card.

The result is an inspiring representation of scientists from different backgrounds who, in spite of a variety of struggles, achieved noteworthy accomplishments. Science teacher Bob Kachurek underscores an important takeaway from the example set by all of these scientists: “It is hard to resist the implication that no goal is beyond reach if one identifies an area of passion and is willing to invest the necessary amount of work.”

For their passion and perseverance, each of the featured scientists appears on the Ace of Hearts.

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