Make Your Mark Challenge

An anonymous alumnus has offered to add to young alumni gifts of any size to the Hawken Fund – adding up to $100 to your contribution!
It's not about the amount you give, it’s what it stands for...making your gift, along with the combined gifts of your peers, makes a statement about our community’s support of Hawken.

Total Donors: 115 (15% past goal!)

During the #MakeYourMark Challenge, young alumni made a difference for Hawken and created new opportunities for the programs you love. 

You made a huge difference in a short period of time! At the conclusion of the challenge, young alumni:

  • Surpassed the challenge goal by 15% and added 37 first-time young alumni donors to the honor roll – that’s a BIG deal!
  • Generated over $7,500 in additional funds from our anonymous donor
  • Contributed to the arts, athletics, college counseling, financial assistance, history, humanities, intensives, insights, passion projects, languages, learning enrichment/academic support, science, and technology through designated gifts

Thank you for making your mark!

Check out the honor roll of donors and see where your class ended up!

The 2019 #MakeYourMark challenge took place the week of April 30th to May 3rd. If you weren’t able to participate in the challenge but would like to support Hawken, you can still make your gift at

Honor Roll of Donors

Class of 2009

Madeline A. Bell
Terrance W. Embry
Alexander R. Ferris
Janet E. Katzin
Spencer C. Mischka
Jacob S. Sachs

Class of 2010
Chelsea M. Adelman
Halle F. Baltes
Matthew Blanchard
Ozan Cubukcu
Alisa N. Foti
Patrick J. Horsburgh
John A. Kachurek
Julia L. Kaesberg
Ellen I. Krantz
Jessie R. Lewis
Samuel A. Mintzer
Rebecca A. Raskind
Erin E. Sheplavy
Myles A. Simmons
Sarah B. Yanito
Jacob L. Willen
Class of 2011
Samantha Adelman
Emily W. Anagnostos
Joshua G. Bass
Marie L. Brosovich
Matthew W. Burns
Ezgi Cubukcu
Kathryn R. Goldston
Kyle B. Hoffman
Taylor A. Johnson
David J. Morris
Cecile M. Murray
Blake J. Parker
Avery J. Warner
Katherine N. Wilson
Class of 2012
Jordan L. Bitterman
John J. Brosovich IV
Claire S. Cohen
Sonia C. Feldman
Jennifer A. Foti
Anna R. Garnitz
Joshua T. Giesler
Tom Granot
Keniece Y. Gray
Sami M. Hawwa
Ryan S. Looney
Ja'Nae N. Morris
Alexis M. Perlmuter
Sanjay Rao
Katelyn M. Ursu
Thomas V. Willen

Class of 2013
Carrie A. Bencic
Russell M. Cohen
Eric J. Kaesberg
Colleen C. McNally
Mark A. Murgiano
Spencer T. Olson
Ann E. Schirm
Trent H. Taylor

Class of 2014
Benson H. Anderson
Christina R. Brosovich
Beatrice G. Cahill-Camden
Aric G. Floyd
Luke K. Genutis
Grant T. Gilchrist
Charles W. Goldston
Lena S. Goren
Annabelle R. Gries
Kevin T. Griesser
Zachary Kirsch
Eleanor T. Rimmerman
Christopher M. Tatsuoka
Class of 2015
Miranda F. Holizna
Tyler M. Looney
Emily H. Oliver
Parker A. Selman
Austin H. Tucker
Chandler H. Whipple
Class of 2016 
Hannah R. Aliazzi
Alexandra C. Blake
Clayton E. Carmen
Jacob W. Cohen
Dana P. Fann
Michael J. Gerace
Jack L. Green II
Isabella M. Joseph
Tara M. Krantz
Sears K. Schulz
Meera D. Sehgal
James N. Swingos
Mara E. Ursu
Hilary S. Vogelbaum
Anna E. Zaremba
Class of 2017

Ellen M. Adams 
Hannah E. Amin
Katlyn M. Baron
Alexa J. Eyler
Ruth A. B. Fiordalis
Connor A. Keuchel
Zachary W. Looney
Nayan G. Rao
Joseph R. Tate
Matthew C. Tong
Class of 2018
Julia R. Aliazzi
Ryan E. Covitt
Eli Z. Ehrbar
Zachary A. Elenin
Andrew S. Gerace
David K. Kim
Richard J. Reed
William C. Rowley
Dylan R. Sehgal
Justin A. Tinker
Jane Wiertel

Where does your class stand?

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q:
    Can I Venmo you?

    We’ve looked into this because we want to make giving to Hawken an easy experience for you. Unfortunately, Venmo is in beta testing for non-profits and isn’t offering the platform to organizations like Hawken at this time.
  • Q:
    What is the Hawken Fund?

    The Hawken Fund is our annual school fundraiser. Alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends come together to demonstrate their commitment to Hawken’s mission by making a gift to the Hawken Fund.

    Every year, the Hawken Fund is the School’s top fundraising priority.
  • Q:
    Where does Hawken Fund money go?

    The Hawken Fund helps build a bridge between tuition revenue and the true cost of a Hawken education. This chart shows the revenue sources for Hawken’s budget.
    Hawken is no different from all independent schools and universities in asking for philanthropic support in addition to tuition. Gifts to the Hawken Fund support the people and programs that make Hawken so special – talented faculty, small class sizes, technology, etc.

    The Hawken experience is distinctive due to its emphasis on experiential and project-based learning. For example, students meaningfully engage with the real world during Passion Project time in the Lower School, Doorways trips and Insights Week in the Middle School, and through Intensives in the Upper School. Unique learning opportunities like these come at a cost – part of which parents are charged in tuition. Tuition revenue covers 75% of Hawken’s operating expenses. Philanthropic support of the School, including support of the Hawken Fund, helps to bridge the budget gap every year.

    The Hawken Fund enhances the Hawken experience by supporting
    • Innovative educational programming
    • Tuition assistance
    • Co-curricular activities like the arts and athletics
    • Faculty salaries and professional development
    • Facilities maintenance and improvements
    Additionally, Hawken Fund donors may choose to direct their gift to one of the following priorities:
    • General Academics
    • Science
    • Math
    • History
    • English
    • Humanities
    • Languages
    • PE & Health
    • Arts
    • Athletics
    • Intensives & Insights & Passion Project
    • College Counseling
    • Learning Enrichment/Academic Support
    • Faculty Professional Development
    • Financial Assistance
    • Technology
    • Greatest Need
  • Q:
    It seems like Hawken already has a lot of money. Will my gift really make a difference?

    Yes! The Hawken Fund is part of the School’s operating budget. It’s not extra funding; the Hawken Fund is needed every year. Hawken would need an additional $37 million in our endowment to equal the amount of money that comes from gifts to the Hawken Fund. The School relies upon gifts of all sizes to meet the needs of our students.

    Remember that participation is also a factor considered by foundations, corporations, and other friends of Hawken when determining grant awards. The percentage of our community that supports the School helps them gauge the strength of the School. Your gift of any size helps Hawken successfully pursue other funding opportunities.
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