Performing Arts

Hawken Chorale
Performs a wide range of repertoire from Renaissance madrigals, to contemporary compositions, within the School and surrounding communities.
Concert Band
  • Develops technical and musical skills through large and small ensemble experiences   
  • Exposes students to a wide variety of musical styles and expressions and fosters a greater appreciation for this art
Jazz Combo
  • Members are chosen by audition   
  • Exposes students to a variety of jazz related genres   
  • Enhances improvisation and sight reading skills   
  • Provides performance opportunities on and off campus
String Ensemble
  • Presents wide ranges of repertoire designed to challenge and expand levels of expertise   
  • Provides performance opportunities at various venues
Music Playlist: Your Connection to the World (Fall Intensive)
  • Covers contemporary styles and genres from the 20th and 21st centuries   
  • Studies music within the framework of its social and cultural context   
  • Includes field trips to local sites and studios

Acting Fundamentals
The class explores improvisation, movement, vocal technique, juggling, clowning and physical comedy, mask work, script and scene analysis, and the basics of acting technique in a highly physical and ensemble-based environment.

Advanced Acting
This course is for students who have already fulfilled the Acting Fundamentals requirement wishing to continue and deepen their practice of theatre and performance. This class can be taken for multiple rotations or multiple years. Similar in structure to a performing ensemble, intermediate and advanced students will work together on new material/repertoire each rotation.

Beginning Stagecraft
Covers theatre terminology, elements of technical theatre, basics of theatre design, script analysis and directorial concepts, safety issues and regulations, and careers in technical theatre.

Music Theory (Spring Intensive)
An advanced level course designed to develop a students’ ability to recognize, understand and describe the processes of music, and learn to hear, perform, write, create and analyze music.

Creative Movement (Either or both rotations)
A course for dancers, musicians, actors and students who want to enhance self-awareness and develop a process that generates creativity. Fundamental movement sequences are utilized to develop body awareness, improve coordination and enhance concentration.

Public Speaking and Rhetoric 1 & 2
Designed to give students the opportunity to develop confidence and valuable skills in the areas of public speaking, research, argumentation, debate, and creative performance. Students are introduced to multiple speech styles including persuasive, informative, and extemporaneous, as well as study various argumentation theories and logical fallacies.

Global Rhythms (Spring)
Explores the diversity of world percussion and its cultural heritage through a comprehensive study of elements of pitch and rhythm from African drumming to Cuban rumbas, Brazilian sambas, Middle Eastern tabla and Japanese Kodo among others.

The Creative Process: Unleashing Your Hidden Genius (Fall Intensive)
In this project-based intensive course, students will not only learn time-tested processes from some of the greatest creative minds on the planet, but also have ample opportunities to engage in and refine their own creative processes through a variety of real-life situations with immediate application. The goal will be to help students generate and name their own creative process while dispelling the myths of talent and predestination to unleash the hidden genius in all of us.

Comedy and Social Satire (Spring Intensive)
This course aims to explore the power of comedy within society, starting with historical context, and culminating in a comedy show written and performed by the students, including both live and filmed components.
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