Physical Education

Physical Education
  • Demonstrates an understanding of strategy, rules, scoring and game play of various sports   
  • Improves skills related to various sports including ball control, technique, team play, and form;   
  • Develop an understanding of fitness components including cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility;
  • Strengthens swimming technique, speed, endurance and diving skills through a focus on competitive swim.

Grades 6 - 8

The Hawken Health Education Program incorporates Hawken’s Purpose, Promise and Principles with National Health Education Standards and Social-Emotional Competencies.  Health classes examine the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects of what it means to be healthy. Students will grow to understand that: health has many components to it influenced by internal and external factors, their bodies and minds go through great changes during adolescence, their decisions affect their overall health and that there are costs and benefits to all decisions.  The ten core skills of the program include accessing reliable information, goal setting, communication, analyzing influences on health, practicing healthy behaviors, effective decision-making, conflict resolution, assertive refusal skills, stress management, and advocacy. The opportunities provided for students in class result in improved: collaboration among teammates, resilience against life challenges by using a growth mindset, presence and articulation in front of authentic audiences, honesty as leaders in everyday endeavors, and integration of valuable interpersonal skills into life experiences. The strategies students learn strengthen their overall health and well-being as they grow and develop closer to the happy productive adult they will become.

Health 6
This course enables students to better understand and navigate important life decisions with knowledge and insight. Students will expand on topics introduced in fourth and fifth grade.
  • Considers the 6th grade essential question, How do my words and actions reveal my character?,while deepening understandings of how perspectives and actions impact health.
  • Explores, discovers, and evaluates individual identity and passions.
  • Identifies health values and where they come from.
  • Formulates decision making strategies when facing peer pressure.
  • Correlates meaning between the design and function of the body systems.
  • Creates healthy eating practices.
  • Demonstrates stress management strategies.
  • Summarizes emotional intelligence using RULER systems.
  • Connects body images to advertising and stereotypes.
  • Identifies reliable sources of information.
  • Appraises information on vaping and drugs to educate others on how to make informed decisions.

Health 7
This course enables students to better understand and navigate important life decisions with  knowledge and insight. Students expand on topics introduced in fifth and sixth grade.
  • Considers the 7th grade essential question, How Can I work to Understand the Perspectives of Others?,while deepening understandings of how perspectives and actions impact the health of all.
  • Evaluates individual health and well-being.
  • Constructs strategies to overcome health obstacles.
  • Differentiates between addiction, wants, and needs.
  • Connects the impacts of addiction with all four areas of health.
  • Role plays how to communicate a healthy complete message.
  • Recommends and pledges to healthy digital citizenship skills.
  • Recognizes signs of bullying and hones how to be an upstander.
  • Identifies factors that support healthy relationships in terms of human sexuality.

Health 8
This course enables students to better understand and navigate important life decisions with knowledge and insight. Students will expand on topics introduced in sixth and seventh grade.
  • Considers the 8th grade essential question, How Can I Make A Difference In The Global Community?, while deepening understandings of how perspectives and actions impact both individuals and the greater world.
  • Discovers how the body systems interact with each other and respond to stress.
  • Identifies common stressors, their impacts, and how to manage, and or, eliminate them.
  • Analyzes the impacts of addiction on the functioning of healthy brains and adolescent development.
  • Prioritizes personal values and their origins, purpose, and place in decision making.
  • Learns what it looks like to communicate effectively in a conflict.
  • Demonstrates how to lead as a digital citizen.
  • Reframes gender roles and identities and how they impact wellness.
  • Recognizes sexual orientations and how to manage them in a variety of relationships
  • Demonstrates factors that support healthy, balanced, and equal relationships, in terms of human sexuality.

Middle School  (Grades 6 - 8) Physical Education

Middle School PE/Human Performance is designed to improve the physical and mental components for all students.  Through exercise and game play, students will develop a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, using teamwork, collaboration, and integrity in the spirit of fair play.  These activities will help students to prepare for and succeed in the real world currently and beyond. Though exercise and sport we will provide inclusive opportunities for healthy social engagement and relationship building.  The overall aim of the PE/Human Performance department is to provide Middle School students with opportunities to learn and grow through exercise and game play.
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