Philosophy and Policies:   
Mathematics is the study of patterns.  Recognizing the varied developmental and curiosity levels in our student body, we explore the multiple ways mathematics appears and can explain patterns in theoretical and applied representations.  We enhance student logical reasoning, mathematical writing, and ability to leverage multiple representations through engaging projects, experimentation, data analysis, traditional coursework, interscholastic mathematics competitions, and unique electives.

While all Hawken middle school mathematics courses pace students to have access to all of the coursework required for admission to any selective college, it is even more important to consider every middle school student’s rapidly evolving abstract reasoning and communication skills when determining mathematics placement.  While there is no competitive advantage to math acceleration for any student, some are developmentally ready to attempt accelerated coursework. After considering all available information about a student’s readiness, the middle school teachers and Hawken’s math chair determine appropriate course placements for all Hawken students.  

Important Policies
  • Hawken requires a classroom grade for all math courses through and including Algebra 2 before allowing any student to enroll in the next sequential course.  Once a student enrolls in Hawken, all math courses through Algebra 2 must be completed at Hawken.
  • There are no honors courses in Hawken Middle School, but students with demonstrated readiness on multiple measures can be considered for accelerated placement to the next sequential math class with recommendation from the classroom teacher, Hawken math chair, and/or Middle School Director.  
  • Summer work can be appropriately used by students to refresh understanding in preparation for coming coursework, but written permission from both the Math Department Chair and Middle School Director is required for any Hawken students who want to register for any summer math course for accelerated placement.  No Hawken summer math courses are considered honors.

Math 6 (Grade 6)
  • Covers single and multi-step solutions to and applications of integers, and rational numbers expressions and equations. 
  • Introduces defining, writing, and evaluating simple algebraic expressions and equations.
  • Also explores concepts in geometry, measurement, probability, and statistics.

Pre-Algebra (Grade 7 or 6)
  • Reviews knowledge of fundamental numeric relationships using multi-step equations and expressions including the radical operation. 
  • Numeric relationships are generalized to more abstract algebraic representations.
  • The function concept is introduced, and much greater emphasis is placed on applications and graphical representations, including scatterplots, equations, and inequalities - focused almost exclusively on linear relationships.  

Algebra (Grade 8 or 7)
  • A complete introduction to algebraic relations and functions as well as the manipulation of algebraic expressions.
  • Linear and absolute value functions are mastered in multiple representations with introductions to quadratics, general polynomials, and exponentials.
  • Other manipulations include inequalities, systems, factoring, and the concept of mathematical equivalence.
  • All are explored both in theoretical and applied scenarios.
Geometry (Grade 8)
  • Euclidean geometry emphasizes formal deductive and inductive reasoning. 
  • Students discover the concepts of geometry, relationships between families of geometric figures, congruency and similarity, transformations, areas and volumes, and an introduction to right-triangle trigonometry.

MATHEMATICS Middle School Electives

Ancient Number Systems
Students will explore and investigate ancient number systems including the understanding of different base number systems and eventually create their own number system.  This knowledge will then be used to understand how these ancient civilizations computed with numbers.

Microsoft 101
This course will introduce students to the various Microsoft Office products with a Math Spin!! Students will explore  Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher as well as introduction to keyboarding techniques.

Research types of bridges and their functions; Last couple weeks build their own; Skype with civil engineers; Cleveland has many failing bridges. This elective will first examine the forces involved in building and maintaining bridges. We will then look at internal and external forces acting on the different parts of a bridge including stress and strain. Some of the methods that engineers use to design strong bridges will be explored. Students will investigate how to make strong structures and then examine the many different types of bridges. We will search Cleveland and Cuyahoga County to find all the different types of bridges and throughout this process students will build various types of bridges.
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