Grade 6
  • Focuses on character analysis, author voice and intent, theme, plot, and literary devices  Develops grammar skills and analytical writing skills using varied sentence structure and length, fluent writing, and peer editing
  • Hones critical reading skills to glean key concepts and make inferences.  
    Learns Cornell t-note model and other organizational strategies to summarize main ideas. 
  • Investigates foundation of colonial societies in America with emphasis on historical thinking and cultivating historical empathy.
  • Focuses on persuasive writing using specific facts and supportive textual evidence.
  • Develops creative presentation skills.
  • Explores tablet technology as a key tool in facilitating the process of writing, revision and reflection.

Grade 7
  • Explores the history, culture, and literature of America from the Antebellum Era through the Civil Rights movement
  • Integrates primary sources including speeches, journals, letters, art, photographs, and music in addition to documentary footage and historical fiction literature and film to capture a wide range of voices and perspectives of the times
  • Utilizes graphic organizers, various note-taking strategies, story boards, annotations for critical reading for understanding
  • Focuses on point of view writing, thesis development, and historical fiction short story writing through multi-drafts and editing
  • Utilizes both conferencing and tablet technology to improve writing, research, organization, and presentation skills

Grade 8

  • Establishes a foundation of cultural, geographic and historical knowledge by exploring other areas of the world including Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia
  • Examines case studies using a variety of sources including literary works and historical primary source document
  • Explores the similarities and differences of multiple cultures and relates to local community
  • Builds core essential skills including critical reading, persuasive writing, thesis development and support, and editing
  • Research, write and present a ten-minute issue oriented speech on a topic of choice
  • Utilizes tablet technology to aid in writing, revision, research, collaboration, organization and presentation
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