James A. Hawken Merit Scholarship Awards

The majority of Hawken School’s tuition reductions are based solely on a family's demonstrated financial need. However, a highly select group of high school students will be eligible for merit scholarships through the James A. Hawken Merit Scholarship Program, based upon the strength of their academic record, personal qualities and anticipated future contributions to Hawken School.

To be eligible for a James A. Hawken Merit Scholarship, a student must be an applicant for admission to Hawken School as a new 9th or 10th grade student and must complete all components of the admission application process. Current 8th grade students are also eligible to apply for consideration of a merit scholarship.

Candidates for the James A. Hawken Merit Scholarship Awards will be outstanding individuals with exceptional records of academic achievement and potential as demonstrated through performance in the classroom and on standardized tests. Typically, Semifinalists fall within the top 10-15 percent of their class, have excellent transcripts and teacher recommendations, and standardized test scores in the 90th  percentile and above.

A successful candidate also will be well-rounded in their engagement outside the classroom and exhibit leadership potential and exemplary personal qualities consistent with the mission of Hawken School. Character, intellect and integrity are among the defining qualities of a James A. Hawken Merit Scholarship recipient.
Merit Scholarship Awards
Students selected as recipients of a James A. Hawken Merit Scholarship will receive annual awards ranging between $2,500 and $15,000. The total number of awards and the amount of each recipient's award will be at the discretion of the James A. Hawken Scholarship Selection Committee.
Merit Scholarship Awards will be renewed on an annual basis for each year that a James A. Hawken Scholarship recipient is enrolled at Hawken, contingent upon the student remaining in good standing socially and academically.
To learn more about the James A. Hawken Merit Scholarship Awards, please contact the Upper School Admission Office at 440-423-2955 or admissions@hawken.edu.

Selection Process

Prospective Students
New applicants to Hawken will be selected based upon the strength of their admission application, which considers transcripts, teacher recommendations, standardized test scores, a student questionnaire and the interview on a student’s visit day. No additional application is required for consideration of a merit award.
Current Students
Eighth grade students from Hawken’s Lyndhurst campus and The Birchwood School of Hawken will apply for merit scholarships through Hawken's online application system to open in October. As part of the process, merit applicants will be required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam.

The Selection Committee will select and notify the recipients in mid-January when admission decisions are announced.

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