Language Arts

  • Develops listening skills by practicing attentiveness, participating as a listener and building auditory comprehension through daily read alouds, finger plays, songs, and small and large group project work 
  • Strengthens speaking skills through verbal interaction with teachers and peers including whole class meetings, sharing, and dramatic play
  • Develops reading readiness skills through exposure to the printed word in multiple genres of literature and environmental print   
  • Expands writing skills through various methods including story dictation and name writing.

  • Enhances verbal expression by building and utilizing vocabulary through stories and topic investigation, question formation, articulation of ideas and feelings, information retelling, and the use of descriptive language in verbal sharing   
  • Improves listening skills through participation in whole-class discussions and read aloud stories Identifies letters and words by clapping out syllables and utilizing visual recognition of environmental labels and signs
  • Heightens enjoyment and understanding of literature and reading through retelling information, predicting possible events and outcomes, recalling sequence, developing awareness of author and illustrator, and creating original rhyme   
  • Represents ideas through drawing and dictation, writing names, and recalling memories and observations Applies knowledge of the structural features of written language and the use of picture and context clues to derive text meaning.

  • Demonstrates active listening skills by engaging in conversation, following directions, asking appropriate questions, and waiting one’s turn to speak   
  • Builds upon speaking skills through use of facial expression and body language, voice tone and volume characteristics, and use of vocabulary
  • Expands use of descriptive details and relevant questions   
  • Utilizes pictures, letters and words applying phonetic spelling strategies to expand writing skills Uses upper and lower case letters when writing
  • Strengthens reading readiness by the use of picture and context clues, phonetic analysis for comprehension and prediction of content, and detailed text story retelling done in logical and sequential order   
  • Recognizes all sound and symbol relationships
  • Begins to develop a sight word vocabulary.
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