Performing Arts

Grade 1
  • Finds singing voice and projects using head tones   
  • Sings a part independently
  • Recognizes minor tonality and reads rhythmic notation   
  • Moves in response to phrases and changes in tempo.

Grade 2
  • Recognizes pitch relationships, note values and rhythmic motives   
  • Creates and notates speech patterns with names
  • Performs unpitched instrument ostinatos, rhythmic and melodic imitation, and dance movements in the context of musical phrases.

Grade 3
  • Performs pitches on Orff instruments and varied repertoire on the soprano recorder   
  • Plays new melodies from notation
  • Performs in duple and triple meter in the keys of C, G, D, and Gm with specific articulation   
  • Discriminates between musical styles, rhythms, pitches, tone and colors Performs folk songs and dances, noting styles and historical significances.

Grade 4
  • Incorporates singing fundamentals including breathing, posture, tone, articulation and part-singing   
  • Accompanies on a variety of instruments
  • Enhances understanding of rhythm, tempo, and meter
  • Explores basics of music history   
  • Identifies musical words and symbols, and incorporates them into performance
  • Explores movement and theatrical skills.

Grade 5
  • Identifies pitch/melodic dictation    
  • Recognizes tempo, AABA form, rhythmic patterns, Renaissance vocal and instrumental style, vocal timbre, and families of instruments   
  • Distinguishes between pentatonic and major and minor scales
  • Performs two-part harmony, accompaniments on folk and Spanish instruments, and solo and ensemble singing.
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