Social Studies

Grade 1
  • Identifies elements of various cultures through literature, the arts, traditions and customs, recognizing that self and others share similar and different characteristics   
  • Describes similarities and differences in ways cultures meet human needs (i.e. food, clothing, shelter and family traditions)
  • Works for the good of the classroom community, demonstrating fair play and respect for the rights and opinions of others   
  • Distinguishes among past, present and future
  • Identifies examples of rights and responsibilities of class members and citizens working for the good of the classroom community
  • Identifies and uses symbols to locate places of significance on maps and globes.

Grade 2
  • Reads, creates and interprets a variety of maps identifying symbols used   
  • Makes connections to the similarities and differences of multiple cultures and how it relates to own experience   
  • Places a series of related events in chronological order on a time line
  • Identifies leaders such as Mayor, Governor and President and explains how they are elected   
  • Initiates ideas for the good of the classroom community, demonstrating fair play and respecting the rights and opinions of others.

Grade 3
  • Identifies reasons for emigration, western expansion, and the Civil War, and their respective problems, solutions and sequence of events 
  • Develops map reading skills
  • Develops research skills using multiple sources including note taking and organization
  • Explains how the Native Americans and early pioneers used natural resources to meet their needs   
  • Identifies who, what, when, where, why and how in current events.

Grade 4
  • Learns to read and construct maps   
  • Defines and clarifies problems and ideas   
  • Evaluates and judges information related to an idea   
  • Interprets and responds to artwork, artifacts and photographs   
  • Develops and refines note taking strategies
  • Speaks before an audience and on stage.

Grade 5
  • Develops non-fiction and historical fiction reading comprehension skills    
  • Develops expository writing skills using evidence from a text    
  • Expands note taking strategies to encourage gradual move towards independence    
  • Hones critical thinking skills by considering textual evidence, bias and connections among four strands of social studies    
  • Develops research, map reading, and presentation skills.
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