Language Arts

Grade 1
  • Listens for meaning in discussion and conversation, follows directions, retells simple stories, and takes turns speaking   
  • Enhances understanding and enjoyment of literature by focusing on story meaning, connecting personal experiences to those in story, retelling and predicting events, etc.   
  • Knows names and sounds of letters, hears and writes sounds of consonants and dominant vowels Generates rhyming words, identifies and supplies nouns, adjectives and verbs  
  • Uses picture and context clues, phonetic analysis and level-appropriate sight vocabulary to decode and understand words, aiding comprehension
  • Uses knowledge of sight words, phonics and word analysis to decode words and syllabication   
  • Uses picture and context clues to aid comprehension Utilizes pre-writing strategies to plan, sequence and organize familiar forms of writing in an appropriate time order. 

Grade 2
  • Enhances reading skills through describing key story elements, writing chapter summaries, applying word attack and decoding skills, comparing and contrasting techniques, identifying key elements of genres, and utilizing inferential comprehension   
  • Strengthens writing skills through the study and practice of grammar, poetry, paragraph structure, letters, proofreading, spelling, phonics and research.

Grade 3
  • Learns to read for pleasure and understanding, identifies story elements, and responds to literal comprehension questions   
  • Increases vocabulary by developing word attack and decoding skills, and using context clues
  • Approaches writing as a process and a vehicle to develop a topic, express an opinion, organize information, and edit content   
  • Identifies parts of speech, sentence types, and components
  • Utilizes a variety of sentence structures
  • Applies rules of punctuation
  • Elaborates upon and supports ideas and opinions.

Grade 4
  • Answers literal and inferential questions after oral and silent reading   
  • Describes major story elements and traces character development throughout a story   
  • Develops a paragraph with a logical progression, supporting details, and conclusion Identifies, describes and applies the steps of the writing process   
  • Applies punctuation, capitalization and usage skills through practices and reinforcement
  • Responds to varied questions in discussions and in writing: factual, opinion and inferential.

Grade 5
  • Differentiates between key and minor events and between literal and inferential interpretations   
  • Identifies main ideas
  • Writes short essays that include topic and concluding sentences and meaningful supporting details   
  • Constructs meaningful arguments by gathering and organizing ideas and applying revision skills
  • Demonstrates an understanding of a strong written response including clarity, support, use of complete sentences, and proper mechanics   
  • Recognizes and corrects errors in punctuation, sentence structure, and word choice, and uses precise nouns and vivid verbs to clarify meaning.
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