Hawken alumni have a long tradition of giving back to their community, and that was once again abundantly evident as we hosted Alumni Give Back Day on March 8, 2019. That day, 55 alumni returned to the Gates Mills campus to lead classes, workshops and activities for our upper school students. Regular classes were suspended that day in order for each student to participate in four sessions and learn from the real world experiences of our extraordinarily accomplished alumni. We are deeply grateful that our alumni were able to take time out of their busy schedules and, in many cases, flew in from around the country, to share their expertise and experiences. They truly embody Hawken’s belief that “each generation introduce its successor to a higher plane of life.”
This webpage includes brief alumni biographies, their course descriptions and faculty member partner. We hope you enjoy reading about the exciting work our alumni are doing. Our student body enjoyed this amazing opportunity. 
We also extend our gratitude to Roy Krall '81 and Cavitch, Familo & Durkin for sponsoring this event.

Kene Anoliefo '06

Product Director, Creator Marketplace, Spotify

Creating for Creators: The Art + Science of Product Development in the Entertainment Industry
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partners: Aparna Sundaram and Andrew Cleminshaw

Many of us are acutely aware of how technology has changed the way we entertain ourselves. From Netflix to Spotify to Instagram – the user experience of how we consume the content that we love has become just as important as the content itself. These platforms constantly create new ways to delight and engage us as we watch and listen to our favorite movies, TV shows, songs and live events.
What you might not know is that technology has become just as important to how Creators develop that content as it is to how the general public consumes it. Across industries, Creators are using technology to deeply inform the creative process, and regularly combining artistic instinct with data and software to create amazing experiences for their fans.
In this class, we’ll delve into how Spotify creates various software tools to help artists and labels get their music out into world and reach as many fans as possible. You’ll get an inside look at the process from how we do research with artists to understand their needs, use data and analysis to form hypotheses about how we can solve them, and build and design new product concepts for the 1M+ creators on Spotify. The best part? You don’t need to be an engineer to have a meaningful role in the product development. This class will highlight the different skills and specialties that come together to build great products, including research, business & strategy, design, data science, marketing and beyond.
Kene Anoliefo ’06 is a product leader with a decade of experience in new product development at high-growth tech companies. As a product director in Creator Marketplace at Spotify, she leads a team of 30 with a mission to build software that helps artists and labels get the most out of Spotify and build successful careers and businesses. Prior to Spotify, Kene was a PM and seventh employee at the real-estate technology startup Compass where she launched the consumer experience for rentals and sales. She also worked at Google and YouTube designing brand sponsorships for entertainment companies like Warner Brothers, HBO and ABC, and at the White House during President Obama’s first term. Kene received her B.A. from Yale University and her MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She lives in New York, is a diehard Cleveland sports fan, and coaches a girls’ middle school basketball team in her spare time.

Max Artz '06

Principal, Peterson Partners
It’s Worth the Risk!
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Steve Weiskopf

Would you consider taking a position in China knowing no one? …Not even knowing the language? …Being completely unfamiliar with the culture? …Much less how businesses operate there? Would you ever consider trying out for the Chinese National Lacrosse team? Dealing with major decision points in life is difficult. Sometimes the unknown, and screwing up in the unknown, opens doors you never knew existed. Join Max Artz ’06 as he shares his story of taking risks. Learn what motivated him to make decisions in the great unknown and how he befriended uncertainty.
Max Artz ’06, a Hawken Lifer, graduated from Babson College with a B.S. in Finance, Strategic Management, magna cum laude. Max worked in banking in New York City before moving to China to study Mandarin. While in China, he oversaw a home goods factory outside of Shanghai. He played lacrosse for both the Chinese and Israeli National Team. Max moved back to the States and attended Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He recently moved to Park City, UT to work in private equity and snowboard.

Nathan Baker '10

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder, Qualia
How to Start a Tech Company
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Since the entrepreneurial spirit is abundant at Hawken, why not start a tech company? Serial entrepreneur, Nate Baker ’10 will talk about the “aha” moments that led him to starting up two companies – the first of which was while he was in college and the second of which now employs 120 people, has received $40 million of investment, and has built a product used in 10% of U.S. real estate transactions. Explore with him how to come up with an idea, bring that idea to reality, structure a company and get funding.
Nate Baker ’10 is the chief executive officer and cofounder of Qualia, overseeing strategic vision for the company and executing the mission. Since founding the company in 2015, Nate and his team have raised more than $40 million in funding and have expanded Qualia’s platform and services to all 50 states. On track to become the U.S. real estate industry's default closing platform, approximately 10 percent of all real estate transactions nationwide currently close on Qualia today. Nate graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in mechanical engineering. He has received numerous accolades for his talents and contributions. In addition to being named to Inc. Magazine’s 2018 30 Under 30 Rising Stars list, Nate and his co-founders were recently selected in the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 for helping to modernize the real estate closing process using technology.

Gabriel Benghiat '07

Marketing Manager, Shakespeare Theatre Company
How to Start Your Own Theatre Company
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Rick Tate

The arts mean business. In 2010, nonprofit arts and cultural organizations generated over $135 billion of economic activity in the U.S., supporting over 4 million full-time jobs. This impact is created by thousands of organizations around the country run by arts professionals with an eye for art and a mind for business. Starting a new arts organization is an opportunity to share your own creative vision with an eager audience, as well as support your local community and economy.
In this class, students will learn about the ins and outs of running a professional theatre company, from artistic programming and fundraising to marketing and engagement. We will also discuss the challenges of maintaining a successful nonprofit organization in a crowded marketplace. Students will then have the opportunity to break into small groups to create their own theatre company, working together to bring a unique vision to life.
Gabriel Benghiat '07 is a non-profit arts administrator with broad experience in theatrical management, marketing, development, event operations, and audience services. He has worked at The Second City, the Chicago Humanities Festival, the Association of Performing Arts Professionals, and American Theater Company, where he produced the world premiere of the Tony Award-winning play “The Humans.” He is now the marketing manager at Shakespeare Theatre Company, leading the multi-channel marketing efforts to engage new and existing patrons at the nation’s foremost classic theatre company. Gabriel graduated with Honors from the University of Chicago with a degree in Theatre & Performance Studies. He holds an MBA in Arts Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Bolz Center for Arts Administration.

Brooke Buckley, M.D. ‘94

Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Meritus Health
Want to be an Awesome Doctor? Turns Out, You Also Have to be an Awesome Human!
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Megan Saxelby

A career in medicine may seem like it’s all about science, formulas, and tons of school. However, it is way more about who you are, how you process emotions, and who you listen to along the way. Brooke Buckley will give an overview of the importance of emotional intelligence, mentorship, and self-reflection that shaped her journey to becoming a surgeon.
Brooke Buckley, MD FACS is a Hawken alumna from the class of 1994. She is a board certified general surgeon from the west side of Cleveland. She obtained a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University and her M.D. from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health. Brooke performed her residency in the Cleveland Clinic System and has been in surgery practice for 11 years in Maryland. Currently, she serves as vice president and chief medical officer of Meritus Health and CMO of CoreLife. She has built expertise in drivers of burnout and believes storytelling and situational awareness are the essential tools for a life of purpose and joy.

Nick Carreras '00

Vice President of Talent and Brand Strategy, Bent Pixels
So You Want to YouTube? The Actual Business Behind Making Videos
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Dan O’Connor

In this class, led by Nick Carreras '00, we will explore the actual business behind digital video (primarily YouTube) and the path to making it a career. It will explore the business of YT as it pertains to creating and generating programming, cultivating your voice, building an audience and monetizing your channel. It will also alternatively explore the business side of digital, and the various strategies surrounding working with influencers and digital creators as a profession. At the end of the class students will be given a real world example of a brand working with a creator and asked to come up with a creative strategy and plan for execution. So smash that like button and sign up!
Nick Carreras ’00 is a seasoned manager of top talent whose experience ranges from the traditional agency model to overseeing the careers of digital-first performers. After graduating from law school, Nick began his career as an agent specializing in TV campaigns, animation, and celebrity endorsements. He collaborated with popular actors such as Julie Bowen from Modern Family, William H. Macy from Shameless, and Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights. Nick moved into the digital world after six years as an agent. He joined Maker Studios as Director of Talent, Branding and Endorsements and in that role he developed and grew the businesses of the largest and most influential YouTube and social media influencers. His roster garnered over 6.7 billion monthly views, and included stars like Shay Carl, KassemG, Stampylongnose, Bart Baker, Markiplier, Captainsparklez, Convos with My 2 Year Old and Timothy DeLaGhetto. During his four-year tenure at Maker Studios, Nick was promoted to Head of Talent Strategy. He was responsible for aligning the career goals of the talent he represented with Maker Studios initiatives on both the development and commercial fronts. Nick joined Bent Pixels as Vice President of Talent and Brand Strategy in 2017, heading up the talent division and helping to spearhead branded content projects and strategic partnerships.

Frances Cooley '09

Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at Austin
Language and The Science of Being Human
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Randy Dlugosz

The way humans learn, develop, and use language is extremely complex and often taken for granted. In this class, Frances Cooley ’09 will discuss scientific and data-driven approaches to understanding interpersonal communication on a deeper level and what happens when language development goes awry. We will learn about the study of human language and behavior from the perspective of a “difference”: sensory loss, social deprivation, and development disorder.
After graduating from Hawken in 2009, Frances Cooley began her undergraduate work at the University of Rochester. There, she discovered brain and cognitive science and American Sign Language, and became fascinated by language development, particularly in non-typical settings. After college, while working at a cognitive neuroscience lab at Boston Children’s Hospital, Frances began working with a researcher who was investigating the use of sign language by deaf children with autism. This project inspired her to consider linguistics as an academic field, and within a few years Frances began her graduate work at the University of Texas at Austin. She is now a fourth year Ph.D. candidate, running three independent studies investigating visual language development and the acquisition of reading skills in native deaf signers. She employs eye-tracking technology and statistical modeling to understand the influence of visual language on reading patterns in this unique and understudied population.

Madeline Dangerfield-Cha '06

Co-CEO, Mon Ami
That Just Got REAL: The Unexpected Dilemmas of Starting Businesses From Scratch
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Julia Griffin

I had always dreamed of venturing out on my own: new frontiers, new offices, new companies! And then I did it, and MAN WAS I IN FOR A BIG AWAKENING. Lots of exciting adventures mixed with tough choices and growing pains. Let's have some real talk about sexism facing female entrepreneurs, firing junior employees (who are older than you!), and handling casually racist remarks from your clients.
In the last five years, Madeline Dangerfield-Cha ’06 has worked in more than 20 countries, with prolonged stints in New York, London, Singapore, Tokyo, and now California. Before graduate school, Madeline ran a data analytics team in Asia because she loves deriving meaning from facts and figures. She earned a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Columbia University, and today, Madeline is getting back to those roots as a head of marketing and chief storyteller for Mon Ami, the startup she co-founded with a Stanford Business School classmate. They are on a mission to end social isolation by fostering unlikely friendships between society's elders and young adults.

Chelsea Davison '06

Writer/Comedian, Comedy Central, NBC
Comedy Writing For Late Night TV
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Cris Harris

In this class you'll learn what it takes to be a late night comedy writer. Students will write and workshop topical monologue jokes, work together as a writer’s room to brainstorm bits, and will discuss how they can get started on their comedy careers right now. I promise comedy writing is funnier than this class description.
Chelsea Davison ’06 graduated from New York University with a Fine Arts degree. Chelsea has been a staff writer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, and @midnight on Comedy Central. She was also a cast member on the reboot of MADtv. Chelsea currently lives in Los Angeles and performs stand-up, and was previously a New Face at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

Andrew Demsey '06

Director, IMG Media North America - at Endeavor (formerly WME | IMG)
A Day In The Life: Working at a Sports and Entertainment Hollywood Agency
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Dan Usaj

Have you ever wondered how your favorite TV show ends up on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc.? Or sports go from the field to ESPN or Twitch on your phone? This course will chat about the sports and entertainment media world, media representation/negotiations, and the current state of the industry. We will draw on real world examples and experiences as we dive into the day-to-day business of Endeavor (WME|IMG), a global sports and entertainment agency. The class will also touch on career paths and considerations of working in sports and entertainment.
As director of IMG Media North America, Andrew Demsey ’06 is an executive at IMG, a division of Endeavor which is the global leader in entertainment, sports, events, media and fashion, operating in more than 30 countries. Andrew leads media consulting, advisory, distribution and acquisitions for IMG’s sports media clients in the United States and Canada. This also includes negotiation of television and entertainment deals across the Endeavor Content portfolio. He has extensive experience developing deal models/strategy and analyzing media properties for television and digital rights negotiations. Andrew is also responsible for supporting IMG Media’s global rights distribution business for United States based clients including the NHL, PGA of America, NASCAR, and other North American media properties. From a deal and negotiation perspective, Andrew has assisted on major broadcast negotiations including Wimbledon, UFC, The Open Championship, NCAA Conferences, NBA teams’ regional media deals, Serie A, English FA Cup, Rugby World Cup, and many others across the division’s more than 200+ clients. He has been with IMG Media since 2010. Andrew is a graduate of The George Washington University School of Business where he studied Business Economics and Public Policy.

Dustin Dykstra '99

Area Director, Shake Shack
Shake Shack: Not Just Burgers Fries and Shakes
(Blocks 3 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Tom Marlowe

In this class, we will be learning about the history of Shake Shack. Why Shake Shack Stands for Something Good. We will also be talking about how building a great team is the most important part of the entire process. Shake Shack is a lot of things, including burgers fries and shakes... Why the hospitality industry continues to expand and why it's even more important now to take care of your team and how that investment will pay dividends over years to come! At the end of the class, there just might be something to make you all love Shake Shack even more!  
Hawken alumnus Dustin Dykstra ’99 started in the hospitality industry in 1999 during his Senior Project at Hawken. He went on to pursue a culinary degree with the intention of developing an understanding of the inner workings of the restaurant business. He worked in various full service, multi-million dollar restaurants early in his career until finding a home with Shake Shack in 2013. Taking a role as the General Manager in South Florida initially, Dustin later accepted a transfer to work in New York City where he worked as a multi-unit manager. In this role, he ran the Upper West Side Shack while opening and developing a team for the Morningside Heights Shack at Columbia University. He moved back home to Cleveland to develop the Ohio market in 2018. The first Ohio Shack opened in June 2018 with great success. Since then Dustin has taken a role as the Ohio/Missouri area director which will entail the opening of four new Shack’s in 2019.

Charles Ekstein, M.D. '04

MD, University Physicians Brooklyn
Hands On with Hand Surgery
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Jon Asbornsen

Our hands are the way that we interact with the world. 29 bones, 34 muscles, 48 named nerves, and over 120 ligaments all work in tight concert to allow us to play the violin, cook dinner, write a report, and even just give a thumbs up. When there’s a problem with just one of these components, it can be life-altering. Join Dr. Charles Ekstein ’04 as he shares his journey from Hawken to the operating rooms of New York. Dr. Ekstein will lead you through what it takes to become an orthopedic surgeon, and showcase some of the varied work that he performs. Students will also get the chance to practice simulated surgeries on bone models using actual implants that Dr. Ekstein works with every day.

Dr. Charles Ekstein ’04 completed his medical degree at Boston University and his orthopedic surgery residency at Northwell Health – Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Following his residency, he completed a fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery. He specializes in the evaluation and treatment of all conditions related to the fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder. This includes sports- and work-related injuries, degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis conditions, nerve compression syndromes, and traumatic reconstruction. Dr. Ekstein cares for upper extremity issues in patients of all ages, and has multiple publications to his name. He was also the recipient of the Stanley E. Asnis MD Clinical Excellence Award.

Gwendolyn Ellis '04

Acting for the Camera
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Julia Griffin

In this class, you’ll get to try your hand at acting for the camera. Through script analysis, a tutorial on eyelines, and a bit of quick memorization, together we’ll work through a mock on-camera audition. You’ll have a chance to get in front of a camera yourself, as well as observe the work of your peers. We’ll follow the exercise with a discussion about what it’s like to be an actor in New York, both creatively and pragmatically.
Hawken Lifer Gwendolyn Ellis ’04 is an actress and educator working in New York City. She coaches high school students and working actors on college auditions and on-camera technique, respectively, and has led theater workshops for all ages from Florida to Tanzania. As an actress, Gwendolyn appeared in National Geographic’s Emmy-nominated Genius, Madam Secretary, and Sink Sank Sunk. She earned a B.A. from Vassar College and an MFA from The Juilliard School.

Julie Englander '89

Documentary Producer
Telling “Reel” Stories with Documentaries
(Block 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Hank Skladanowski

Documentaries are a great way to tell the true stories that don’t get told often enough—a way of looking at our past and at the world around us, amplifying diverse voices in the process. In this session, we’ll view a short clip from Punch 9, a documentary currently in progress that tells the story of Harold Washington, Chicago’s first African-American mayor. We’ll use Punch 9 as a case study, discussing what skills documentary producers need in order to bring their ideas to life and how documentaries can be a tool for real change. We'll also talk about putting your own documentaries together and give feedback on documentary ideas.
Hawken Lifer Julie Englander ’89 loves non-fiction in its many forms. An alumna of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York, Julie was selected in 2010 for the prestigious CPB/PBS Producers Workshop at WGBH, and in 2011, she was the first Chicago-based producer awarded a grant from the Chicken & Egg Film Fund. She is currently a producer on Punch 9, a documentary in progress about Harold Washington, Chicago’s first African-American mayor. Julie has done work for PBS, A&E, and The History Channel; co-authored a proposal for 12 hours of television on public policy for WTTW-Chicago; and produced several policy videos for the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation on behalf of Kartemquin Films. Julie teaches the popular “Developing The Documentary” class at Chicago Filmmakers and has written feature stories for The Chicago Reader, The Chicago Tribune, and In These Times. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Carleton College, and proudly serves on the board of Lucky Plush Productions.

Hannah Ewert-Krocker '05

Farm School Program Director, Denver Public Schools
Lenguaje para la justicia: The Critical Role of Learning a Foreign Language in Social Justice Work
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Natalie Manzanares ‘03
In this session, Hannah will share the story of her "career path": how, armed with a liberal arts degree and a passion for connecting with other human beings, her commitment to fumbling her way through learning Spanish has provided her not only with job opportunities but with endless possibilities for powerful connection and community. Speaking a second language is one of the most important tools in connecting across lines of difference and can be a tremendous asset to young people seeking to work in many different areas of social justice, including education, human rights, leadership development, and politics. Be prepared to dream big in this session about how you can contribute to making change in your community, to discuss challenging ideas around injustice and difference, to explore the greatest obstacles you see in our society today – and, ultimately, to learn about how connecting with others (perhaps through learning a second language) can help drive your contributions moving forward.
Hannah Ewert-Krocker graduated from Hawken in 2005 after entering as a 10th year transfer student, having previously attended Hershey Montessori School. She was a stereotypically overcommitted overachiever at Hawken and was actively involved in HPS, was an editor for the AffNo, served on the Senate, and took really great English classes. After Hawken, Hannah attended Vassar College where she graduated with a B.A. in Geography-Anthropology. She left the East Coast immediately after graduating and moved to Denver, Colorado, where she served a term with AmeriCorps in a community health center, worked as a community organizer in an industrial suburb of Denver, and eventually landed on becoming a teacher, just like her parents. Hannah helped open a public Montessori adolescent program in Denver Public Schools, where she is currently the director of the Farm School (junior high, which serves grades 7-9). Since helping to found Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High School, Hannah has gone back to school to earn her master’s degree in education and become a yoga teacher.

Gavin Farrell '98

Architect, City Architecture
So, You Want To Be an Architect?
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Kate Zielinski

Architecture is the practice of designing buildings, but it is also thinking critically about the spaces we move through and how we interact with our world. In this class, Gavin Farrell '98 will give an overview of what architecture is and what architects do. Then he will put you to the test with an interactive design problem found in schools of architecture. The challenge will require you to think creatively about materials, forces, and function.
Gavin Farrell ’98 grew up in Cleveland Heights. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2005. Working as a professional architect ever since, he registered as a licensed Architect in 2015. His experience includes residential new construction and renovations (low income, market rate, historic, contemporary), corporate offices, military, institutional, public infrastructure, and hospitality.

Justin Faulhaber ‘13

Legal Writer & Assistant Web Manager, Margaret W. Wong & Associates
Immigration and Asylum - You Decide
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Katrina Hagen

Immigration is one of the most controversial political issues in the USA today. One of the cornerstones of immigration law is Asylum. People who fear returning to their home countries can apply for Asylum to stay in the United States. You will have the opportunity to review real cases and decide for yourself. Be part of the discussion and be ready to make some hard choices.
Justin Faulhaber became a student at Hawken in the fourth grade and graduated in 2013. He was involved with the swim team and acted with Hawken Players’ Society. Following Hawken, he attended The Ohio State University Honors College and followed a lifelong passion to study military history. Along the way, he discovered a love for languages and can speak French, Spanish, and German. After graduating with honors in 2017, he taught English in China for one month and then did the same in Lille, France for eight months. Justin now works in the Cleveland office of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, one of the leading immigration law firms in the country. Here, he uses his writing skills and linguistic knowledge to help fight for immigrants and tell their stories. He also writes for and helps manage the website. In his spare time, Justin enjoys film, singing, and reading.

Amelia Gaudio '04

Senior Textile Designer, Abercrombie and Fitch
From Concept to Final Product: Bringing an Idea to Life in the Fashion Industry and DIY Workshop
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Anne Kmieck

From her perspective as a Fashion Textile and Concept Designer, Amelia will lead a discussion about the life cycle of a product in the fashion industry. We will talk through a visual presentation of trend research, product concept, how a garment gets made, and in-store visual and digital merchandising. After a brief look at runway trends for Spring/Summer 19, students will participate in a hands-on workshop where they can bring their ideas to life by creating a one-of-a-kind dyed garment.
Amelia Gaudio ’04 is a Senior Fashion Textile + Concept Designer in Columbus, Ohio at Hollister Co. She works as the lead Textile & Concept designer for the recently relaunched Gilly Hick’s Intimates/Loungewear brand, a sub brand of Hollister. After graduating from Syracuse University with a B.F.A. in Surface Pattern Design, Amelia spent some time interning and freelancing at small wallcovering and interiors studios in New York City. After returning to Ohio she was recruited as an Assistant Textile designer at Abercrombie + Fitch in 2011. Since then, Amelia has worked on different brands within the company and acquired experience in many areas of the design process.

Jon Gottlieb '06

Manager, Business Development & Partnership Management, National Football League
Building Sport Sponsorships in 2019
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Kris Lewandoski

What does “sponsorship” really mean? Why do brands spend millions of dollars on sports sponsorship as part of their overall marketing mix? We’ll examine these questions as we discuss how the NFL (the biggest sports and entertainment property in the country) generates proposals and campaigns within its sponsorship business.
Jon Gottlieb ’06 is a manager of business development and partnership management for the National Football League. In this role, Jon is responsible for identifying, pitching, and selling new sponsorship opportunities for the NFL while managing existing NFL partnerships. While at the NFL, Jon has worked with companies such as Visa, Procter & Gamble, Nationwide, Hyundai, Lowe's, Caesars Entertainment, FedEx and HP. Jon attended Hawken School from kindergarten through 12th grade and then went on to receive a BA in Psychology from The George Washington University. Prior to joining the NFL, Jon spent three years working at MKTG, a sports marketing agency, and specialized in sponsorship consulting.

Keniece Gray '12

Mayor’s Office of Quality Control and Performance Management, City of Cleveland
Becoming a Champion for Progress: Leveraging Your Privilege For Good
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Ambrose Faturoti

Great leaders understand the value of reaching back while moving forward. In this class, Keniece Gray ’12 will discuss the importance of using platforms of privilege to champion important causes like combating systemic oppression through the advancement of diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices in the workforce and classroom. Students will be given strategies and take home activities to help build their brands as champions for progress through academic excellence, civic engagement, and professional development. This workshop will require transparent conversation and subsequent self-reflection.
Keniece Gray ’12 is a Cleveland native on a mission to serve God and empower minority youth to enrich their communities and combat systemic oppression. She is known as a champion for progress when it comes to helping marginalized communities find access to opportunity in education and the workforce. She currently works as a performance auditor in the City of Cleveland Mayor’s Office of Quality Control and Performance Management. An alumna of Case Western Reserve University, Keniece completed the Integrated Master of Accountancy program with a Leadership minor in spring 2017. A four-time Who’s Who in Black Cleveland honoree, she is the recipient of many awards, including the Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Memorial Scholarship, and has been recognized for her unwavering commitment to cultivate minority interest in leadership, mentorship, and professional development. Keniece served as the 2016 – 2018 Second International Vice President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and currently serves as the Urban League of Greater Cleveland Young Professionals’ Community Service Chairman, a Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland Bridge Board member, and member of many local organizations including AKA, NAACP, NBMBAA, and NFBPA. Most recently, she founded “Journey To The Board,” with the mission to provide minority youth with the skills they need to earn board or executive committee membership by age 25. Upon completion of Cleveland State University’s Master of Public Administration program in May 2020, Keniece plans to attend a top-ranked law school and further establish her career as a civil servant. She plans to one day serve as an elected public official, lead a non-profit organization, serve as legal counsel on critical matters, and be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Zachary Guren '03

Director of Real Estate Development, GBX Group
Real Estate Development: Building a Building Before a Shovel Ever Hits Dirt
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Rennie Greenfield

Lightbulbs flash. The ribbon’s cut. The Mayor makes a speech and shakes your hand. Friends, family, investors, and community members all shuffle in for a tour. Your building is finally open! After three whole years! Or maybe it’s six years! Maybe ten!
The year or two of construction almost always gets the most attention - all of the excitement, the noise, the trucks - but few people realize the preparation that goes into a project from the beginning. Real estate development is much more than construction. There are often years worth of pre development work before a shovel ever hits the dirt. In this class we’ll go through a local, high-profile real estate development project (maybe two!) and touch on the many fields of study that can be involved, from art and history to economics and engineering.
After graduating from Hawken in 2003, Zachary Guren studied at the University of Michigan, earning degrees in Psychology and Economics with a minor in Physics. He then moved on to the University of Pennsylvania to pursue two master's degrees in Environmental Studies and City Planning. He and his wife, Lauren (also from the Class of ’03), returned to Cleveland in 2011 where Lauren became a dermatologist and Zach started his career in real estate development. After working as a development manager at First Interstate Properties for over seven years, Zach recently joined GBX Group as the director of real estate development. At First Interstate, Zach worked on a wide range of projects in Northeast Ohio, from retail shopping centers to a hotel and high-rise apartment building. At GBX, the focus will be on historic preservation projects all around the country.

Jordan Haas '97

Director of Trade Policy, Internet Association
Success in the Beltway
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Julie Agar

In the 24-hour news cycle and partisan fights, this class will pull back the curtain on how Washington D.C. actually works. We will walk students through the legislative process: from the development of a policy idea to building support and moving it on the Hill. We will talk about the real steps needed to achieve a handshake from the President as that idea is signed into law.
Hawken Lifer Jordan Haas ’97 is currently the Director of Trade Policy at Internet Association, where he is responsible for advocating policies that enable the internet industry to grow and thrive around the globe. Throughout his career, Jordan has advocated for policies that foster economic growth for American businesses. He joined the Obama Administration during the first year of the first term and served until the last day of the Administration. Jordan played a lead role in advancing the Obama Administration’s trade legislative agenda, including running the Department of Commerce’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) outreach and participating as an active member of the White House interagency trade team. He was centrally involved in negotiating the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework, launching the first SelectUSA Summit, and securing the passage of Trade Promotion Authority. During the first term of the Obama Administration, Jordan served as Deputy Assistant Administrator for Congressional and Legislative Affairs at the U.S. Small Business Administration where he facilitated the development and passage of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 and the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. He previously worked on Capitol Hill as Legislative Director for Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX), on the Senate Democratic Technology and Communications Committee, and for half a decade on the House Committee on Small Business. Jordan holds a B.A. from American University.

Wendy Morton Hudson '86

Entrepreneur in Books and Beer, Nantucket Book Partners & Cisco Brewers
Books, Beer, and Business: How I Followed my Passions to Profits, and How You Can Too!
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Sarah Swain

Over twenty-five years ago, Wendy Hudson ‘86 and her dreadlocked husband founded a brewery called Cisco Brewers on Nantucket. To help pay the bills, she worked in a bookstore which she ended up buying a few years later. An entrepreneurial path was not what she expected, but she says it has absolutely turned out to be her higher plane of life, with many unexpected rewards. She will share lessons learned along her non-conventional path, with an emphasis on leadership, community, creative thinking, and – above all – optimism in the face of uncertainty.
Wendy Morton Hudson ’86 spends her time with literature and libations on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. She owns and operates two independent bookstores, Nantucket Bookworks and Mitchell’s Book Corner, and is a founding partner and co-owner of Cisco Brewers, Nantucket Vineyard, and Triple Eight Distillery. Wendy is active in many civic organizations as well, such as Nantucket’s Planning and Economic Development Commission, the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, and the Rural Policy Advisory Commission for Massachusetts, and she is a co-founder of the Nantucket Book Festival. She is also a member of Hawken School’s Visiting Committee. As a graduate of Smith College with a degree in ethical philosophy who is currently pursuing an MBA at Babson, Wendy has a passion for community-based entrepreneurship and loves to cultivate connections between smart and fun people.

Sherri Johnson '88

CEO/Founder, Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting
Want to Start and Run Your Own Business or Be an Executive Leader in a Billion-Dollar Corporation? (Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Kristina Eisenhower

Learn the 5 Key Philosophies for entrepreneurial success.   In this course, Sherri Johnson '88 will share her proven strategies on how to drive your own achievement in both startups and in corporate America. Sherri will share her own entrepreneurial success story with you from her senior marketing project to leading and growing the third largest, national real estate company with over 750 agents and $1.6 billion annual sales to launching her own start-up national real estate speaking, coaching and consulting company. In less than six months, Sherri's client list included international accounts with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, and she became the national speaker for Homes.com, as well as the online real estate coach for McKissock CE, the largest online education site in the country. Sherri Johnson Coaching is the fastest growing real estate coaching and consulting company in the country.
Learn how to drive your inner passion and manifest it into your best life. Join Sherri for straight and hands-on advice, insight, inspiration and guidance for aspiring entrepreneur minds. #YouROCK! #SuccessIsContagious
Sherri Johnson ’88 is the premier, national leader offering world-class real estate keynote, consulting and coaching while delivering accelerated results. Sherri has a distinguished 20 plus years of experience as a top agent and executive of a top-3 national, independent brokerage. She has recruited, trained and coached thousands of agents and was responsible for leading over 700 real estate agents and over $1.6 billion in annual sales volume. Sherri is also the national speaker for the Secrets of Top Selling Agents Tour sponsored by Homes.com. Sherri’s relevant, real life and proven strategies coupled with her high energy produce immediate results.

Arun Kottha '01

Legal Counsel - Safety & Health
Health & Safety Law: Using Technology, Data and Problem Solving to Keep People Safe and Productive in the Most Challenging Environments in the World
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Dan O’Connor

This is not your grandpa's factory. Manufacturing has moved to smart processes, collaborative robotics, and real-time analytics. To keep people safe in this rapidly changing environment requires an understanding of how old regulations apply to this new space and by leveraging data to predict and prevent injuries. This class will cover the fundamentals of occupational safety and health then turn to case studies that will test your ability to solve problems with real life constraints.
Arun Kottha '01 is an attorney for a Fortune 500 global manufacturing company. He specializes in occupational safety and health, chemical management, and industrial hygiene. He is responsible for global regulatory compliance, investigations, and litigation. Arun earned his law degree cum laude at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and received his undergraduate degree from Case Western Reserve University.

Bill Krug, DVM, DAVDC ‘88, Liz Sobol, DVM ‘84 & Megan Barrett Volpe, DVM ‘88

Veterinary Medicine Panel: It's Cute Puppies, Stinky Poop, and Gut Wrenching Loss - and That is Just a Typical Monday Morning!
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Dan Mesh

A day in our lives: three viewpoints on one profession. Join us for a down and dirty talk about what it is really like to be a veterinarian, from three different vantage points - shelter medicine, specialty, and private practice.
Bill Krug, DVM, DAVDC '88
Veterinary Dentist, MedVet
Bill Krug ’88, DVM, Diplomate, AVDC is a veterinary dentist and oral surgeon at MedVet Chicago where he has been part of the medical team since 2015. A graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Dr. Krug served for several years in the fleet before returning to school. He attended The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine where he earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Following his graduation from veterinary school, Dr. Krug completed a year-long internship in small animal medicine and surgery at a Washington, D.C. veterinary hospital followed by a two-year residency in the dentistry and oral surgery program at University of Illinois. Since becoming a board-certified diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College, he started the small animal dentistry service at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Krug decided to specialize in veterinary dentistry after witnessing the amount of suffering caused by untreated oral disease. He is a leader and well-known figure in the Chicago veterinary community.

Liz Sobol, DVM '84

Veterinarian, Gateway Animal Clinic
Dr. Sobol has worked at Gateway Animal Clinic for 19 years.  A life-long Ohio native, she was raised in Beachwood and now resides in Solon. After completing undergraduate studies at Northwestern University in Illinois (1988), Dr. Sobol pursued a DVM degree at Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine (1998). Before joining Gateway, she also practiced at Roberts & Wendt Animal Hospital in Cleveland.  Dr. Sobol has a passion for working with rescue and shelter animals, and likes being able to work with clients who have limited finances or other obstacles to overcome, to ensure quality veterinary care for their pets.

Megan Barrett Volpe, DVM '88 
Director of Veterinary Services, Geauga Humane Society
Megan Barrett Volpe ’88 graduated from Hawken School and attended Allegheny College where she completed her B.S. in bioethics. Upon completion of her veterinary degree from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997, Megan spent five years in small animal private practice. At that time she was given the opportunity to work part-time at a local shelter. From there her career path in shelter medicine began. Megan has worked exclusively in this type of practice for 16 years and has worked in a variety of shelters throughout Greater Cleveland including the Cleveland APL, Lake Humane, and currently Geauga Humane Society Rescue Village where she has been the medical director for 12 years. Megan also was one of the founders of PetFix Northeast Ohio, a low-cost spay/neuter program and had been privileged to serve in a variety of efforts to help provide improved access to veterinary care for all pets.

Lisa Bercu Levine '85

President, ZONE
Getting it Right On and Off the Field: Media Consulting for Athletes and Teams
(Blocks 2 and 4)

Lisa Levine conducts media training seminars for the various NBA, MLB, and NFL teams and does similar sessions for rookies with the various leagues. She will take you through the very same training with video and print examples to illustrate her points regarding the media and sports today.
In 2000, fresh from seven years’ experience as a sportscaster at WEWS Channel 5 and four years working as director of broadcasting for the Baltimore Ravens, Lisa Bercu Levine ’85 created ZONE. ZONE specializes in media consulting for owners, sport executives, coaches, and professional and collegiate athletes. Lisa has worked with over 60 organizations throughout the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and ATP and works directly with the leagues on their media coaching programs. Clients include: the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, ATP, and Chicago Blackhawks. Lisa also specializes in media and public relations consulting programs for today’s teams, owners, general managers, head coaches, and managers.

Brinton Lincoln '94

Vice President of Military Markets, SelmanCo
War: The Political Implement of Last Resort - An Explanation of War and Its Place in U.S. Policy
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Jim Newman

This session will address: DIME - Explain the four pillars of political influence; a brief history of War throughout U.S. history; an explanation of the five military services (history and roles); DoD Construct (how the military is organized and mobilized); the importance of the military to U.S. Might/Influence/Economy/Security; and the future landscape (the challenges that exist ahead).
Hawken Lifer Brinton Lincoln ’94 served our nation for 13-plus years as an officer in the United States Air Force. As a pararescueman and combat rescue officer, Brinton deployed on nine occasions in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, and other Global-War-On-Terrorism initiatives. For the last six years of his military career, Brinton served as the director of operations within the 724 Special Tactics Group located at Pope Air Force Base, NC. In this role he led all facets of the dynamic 370-person organization. Brinton was primarily responsible for coordinating and synchronizing unit operations, logistics, and administration. Upon returning to Cleveland, Brinton started Rustbelt Reclamation with two of his brothers. Together they manufactured furniture utilizing materials reclaimed from structures earmarked for demolition. The brothers sold Rustbelt in the summer of 2018 to a strategic buyer. Brinton now serves as the vice president of military insurance products for Selman & Company, an insurance marketing and administrative company headquartered in Cleveland.

Cari Meisel, PhD '07

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Researcher, Boston University
The Future is Small: How Nanoscience is Bringing Big Changes to Medicine
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Rebecca Roark

Nanomedicine represents the next big era in drug innovation, offering better performance, fewer side effects, and revolutionary treatments. This session will delve into what exactly nanomedicine is, and why nanotechnology holds so much promise in the treatment and detection of disease. Students will learn about the basics of “nano” - what does it mean? why is it exciting? - participate in an interactive discussion about how scientists tackle medical problems using nanotechnology, and learn about what day-to-day life looks like for a biomedical engineer. Bring your questions!
Cari Meisel ’07 comes from a longtime Hawken family – her parents and both of her siblings are also Hawken graduates. Cari graduated from Hawken in 2007 and attended the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Bioengineering. Her first job following college was as an associate scientist at Merck, where she performed research on the RotaTeq vaccine. After two years at Merck, she decided to go back to school to pursue a Ph.D. in Boston University’s Biomedical Engineering department. Her graduate research has focused on the field of nanomedicine and the development of a nanoparticle that can help detect heart disease. She recently defended her dissertation, and is looking forward to the next phase of her career!

Jonathan Moormann '06

Game Designer, Riot Games
They Can't All Be Winners: Designing and Balancing Multiplayer Games
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Bill Harris

How do you make one game fun for millions of different players, all with different skill levels and expectations? In this class, you’ll learn from a League of Legends game designer how to balance mechanics and make everyone happy (most of the time) through a live exercise. You’ll also hear what it’s like to work at a triple-A game design studio. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of free snacks.
Jon Moormann ’06 received a degree in Science, Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania and went on to receive his master’s degree in Fine Arts, Game and Interactive Media Design from New York University. Jon is a game designer for Riot Games in Los Angeles, where he designs ranked play and tournament systems for League of Legends. Jon has also worked at Blizzard Entertainment and as an independent developer of both board and video games.

Meghan Murphy '06

Project Manager, Clark Construction
How to Save the World with Civil Engineering
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Julia Hodges

Civil engineering is much more than buildings and bridges. Explore the widely diverse world of civil engineering and learn about the different ways civil engineers work to better our society and our planet. In addition to learning about the varied career paths within civil engineering, you'll put your problem-solving skills to the test with an engineering design challenge.
Hawken Lifer Meghan Murphy graduated from Hawken in 2006 and went on to pursue a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Bucknell University. She graduated in 2010 and worked for approximately three years as an environmental consultant for hazardous site remediation. Meghan always wanted to work in new construction, so a little over five years ago, she transferred to a different company and began working in construction management on a large infrastructure project in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. She is excited to return to Hawken and share a glimpse into the wonderful, wide world of civil engineering.

Tom Murphy ’04

Director, Head of Digital Marketing, Chewy.com
Marketing Careers in the Digital Age of Advertising
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: David Murray ‘04

Do you think a career in marketing means making cold calls, pitching catchy one-liners, and billboard advertising? Are you curious how Google, Instagram, Snapchat, and Influencers sell ad space? Or do you already know you want to start a career in marketing and just want to ask questions about where to begin?
Join a discussion about marketing in the digital age of advertising. You will be exposed to real examples from an existing career progression, the actual platforms you would use, and the actual results you would attempt to deliver as a digital marketer. You will also hear actual excerpts from digital marketers focused on media buying, analytics, and project management.
Tom Murphy ’04 has over 10 years of experience leading performance-based digital marketing programs of various scopes, budgets, verticals, geographies, and KPIs. He partners closely with top media vendors, management platforms, and measurement solutions, leading teams of highly technical marketers to maximize the impact of media dollars against performance objectives.

CJ Marshall Musser '04

Chief Administrator, Lake Erie Silver Dolphins
Sports Business: Championing a Career in Sports
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Mike Henderson

While many athletes entertain dreams of going pro, the reality is not everyone can achieve that goal. Whether you are a sports fan or an athlete, there are many professional careers in the sports industry that are vital to running a successful sports organization. We will examine the breadth of opportunities in the intercollegiate, minor league, professional and Olympic sports enterprises with real-life scenarios. This class will provide a taste of the industry and a roadmap for success on the business side of sports.
CJ Marshall Musser ’04 returned to her alma mater as the chief administrator for Lake Erie Silver Dolphins. She earned a B.S. in Kinesiology, with a minor in business and communication from James Madison University, where she was a member of its Division I varsity swim team. Most recently, CJ worked at the Cleveland Clinic for six years, specializing in sports marketing and advertising. Prior to that, she worked for the Cleveland Cavaliers as a groups events specialist.

Spencer Olson '13 & Erin Sheplavy '10

The Role of the Dramatherapist: Theatre as an Opportunity for Psychological Healing
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Nicole Pucci

Drama therapy transforms traditional talk therapy through the use of creative arts and expression. It reconnects people to both their body and their innate desire to play. In using movement, gesture, and embodiment, drama therapy can connect to the memories and/or trauma being held in the body and express moments and experiences that transcend words. As a psychological tool, drama therapy is the intentional use of drama/theatre processes to achieve therapeutic goals. This class will survey the many approaches used by dramatherapists, paying specific attention to Robert Landy’s role theory. There will be a discussion about these core processes that will lead to an experiential group session for participants. The goal of this class will be to gain exposure to the techniques used in drama therapy while further considering the power of an embodied therapeutic approach by engaging participants in an exploration of the different roles in their lives.
Spencer Olson '13
Graduate Student, Drama Therapy Master’s Program, New York University - Steinhardt
Spencer Olson is a 2013 graduate from Hawken School. He went on to DePaul University where he earned a Theatre Arts degree and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Drama Therapy at New York University. As he prepares to graduate this May, Spencer is collecting data on the experience of gay men who have seen a live performance of Angels in America in order to write his thesis on the power of performance for ordinary theatre-goers. Spencer has completed an internship with Community Support Services in the Cleveland area and is now working as an intern with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. During his internships, Spencer has assisted groups suffering from severe, persistent mental health diagnoses, such as major depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder by using improvisation and theatre techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote health. The drama therapy approach provides the context for participants to tell their stories, set goals and solve problems, express feelings, or achieve catharsis. Spencer also serves as the student representative with the Tri-State Chapter of the North American Drama Therapy Association.
Erin Sheplavy ’10
Drama Therapist, Center for Creative Arts Therapy
Erin Sheplavy ’10 is a clinical psychology doctoral student and drama therapist intern practicing in Chicago. She has worked extensively with children and adolescents focusing on anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and trauma. Erin uses drama therapy and the arts to bolster both her therapeutic work and research as she finds the arts to be an important and natural way of expression. Currently, she is creating a play in the form of an ethnodrama as a part of her dissertation looking at the day-to-day lived experiences of women who have experienced sexual assault. Erin is currently practicing group and individual drama therapy at The Center for Creative Arts Therapy.

Adam Pagon '07

Strategic Manager, Next Sparc
Why do Ads Exist?
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: David Gillespie ‘89

How does Facebook make money? How do advertisers use your data? Explore the story of Target and its quest for the holy grail of customers. Join us for a discussion about future possibilities, alternatives, and solutions.
Adam Pagon ’07 works in the venture capital/private equity business, serving as a strategic manager for the real estate vertical of the Next Sparc family office. His primary goal is understanding how technology and software are changing business from both managerial and operational perspectives, to better serve clients’ needs and help identify market opportunities. Adam is involved with general strategic decision-making, analysis, planning, client relationships, and supporting deals/initiatives for current portfolio investments. In his free time, Adam enjoys playing tennis with friends and family and is working toward completing an MBA at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

Josh Pepper '96

Associate Professor, Lehigh University
Searching for Extraterrestrial Life
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Bob Shurtz

We are in a golden age of astronomy, and one of the great discoveries of the past 20 years has been the detection of thousands of planets orbiting other stars. Having found the exoplanets, we are now building telescopes that will be able to measure the surfaces and atmospheres of these planets. Eventually we want to search for signs of life on other planets, and we are now figuring out how to do that. Joshua Pepper '96 will describe the kinds of exoplanets that have been discovered, and how we can go about searching for extraterrestrial life. We will also talk about how students can pursue a career in science to be part of this grand adventure.
Joshua Pepper graduated from Hawken in 1996. After attending Princeton University and majoring in astrophysics, Joshua worked as a consultant for one year before going to The Ohio State University for his Ph.D. in astronomy. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University before becoming a professor at Lehigh University in 2013. Joshua’s research involves the discovery of extrasolar planets, planets that orbit stars other than our sun. In order to do his research, he built and uses robotic telescopes in Arizona and South Africa. Joshua is also part of the NASA TESS mission, a space telescope searching for earth-size planets orbiting the nearest stars.

Jen Pignolet '06

Education Reporter, The Commercial Appeal
How To Do Meaningful Journalism in a World of Tweets
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Michael Ialacci

When anyone can transmit information in 280 characters, it can be hard to find the space for long-form stories. Chasing clicks and retweets can become priorities as news organizations fight to stay alive and relevant, with more meaningful pieces going by the wayside. This class will show students the value of long-form journalism that takes time. Students will get to practice their interview skills and learn how to organize facts into a story, and they will see examples of stories that changed communities.
Jennifer Pignolet ’06 is the education reporter for The Commercial Appeal newspaper in Memphis, part of the USA Today network. She covers K-12 and higher education, often focusing on issues of equity and access for all students. She also covered the case of a lawyer who tried three times to kill his wife, the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death in Memphis, a fire at Elvis’ house, a college president’s battle with cancer and rock star Steven Tyler’s charity work. Jennifer received her degree in journalism from Butler University in 2010 and spent two years working in Medina County, followed by a year in Spokane, Washington before moving to Tennessee. Her work has also appeared in USA Today. Jennifer is a member of the Education Writers Association and mentors interns at The Commercial Appeal each summer.

Laura Kachurek Pinto '04

Classical Soprano
Say It With Song: A Vocal Performance Masterclass
(Block 2)
Faculty Partner: Jodie Ricci

Students interested in singing as either an avocation or a career are invited to join classical singer Laura Pinto ’04 for a vocal masterclass and workshop. Selected singers will perform and receive a brief public lesson, while others are welcome to learn by actively listening and participating in the Q&A session. Topics covered may include vocal technique, vocal health, interpretation, career planning, auditions, the business of singing, and more.
Passion and Purpose: Designing A Life Where Your Talents Play A Role
(Block 4)
Young people with creative gifts are often encouraged to either blindly follow their dreams, or choose a more “practical” career about which they are less passionate. But what do those options look like, exactly? Does it have to be one or the other? How does one know which direction to take? This seminar will debunk the false dichotomy between the two major stereotypes — starving artists vs. professionals with regrets — and will provide students with thought-provoking tools for discerning their path.
Laura Kachurek Pinto ’04 is a classical soprano who maintains an active schedule of performing, recording, and teaching. A specialist in early music, she has been featured in recent seasons with internationally renowned period ensembles such as the Haymarket Opera Company, the Newberry Consort, and the Theatre of Early Music. Additionally, she is a frequent recitalist and has performed principal roles with opera companies in both the United States and Canada. Laura is a graduate of McGill University (M.Mus. Opera) and DePaul University (B. Mus. Vocal Performance).

Leon Pryor '92

Senior Technical Program Manager, Amazon.com
Four Weeks, Four Games: A Practical Class on Using Rapid Prototyping to Explore Ideas
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Aaron Brandt ‘86

Have you ever had an idea for an interactive application or game but haven't known where to start? Have you been hesitant to commit time and energy to a concept because you lacked confidence in how successful it could be? Prototyping is a technique for rapidly answering these questions!
Game industry veteran Leon Pryor has spent 4 weeks creating 4 unique playable gaming prototypes. Join a highly interactive experience that covers the prototyping process from inception to implementation. Come play the games, alter their functionality, and brainstorm on how to improve and expand on them!
Ultimately this is about empowering students to rapidly and fully explore their ideas. Each participant will receive all four games, concept and development notes, source code, and how-to documentation. Leon will provide tools, guidance, and creative inspiration to bring their ideas to life! He'll show you the door; will you walk through it?
Leon Pryor ’92 is currently a senior technical program manager for Amazon.com. Leon spent 14 years at Microsoft working on various game products as a developer, project manager, and account manager. Leon participated in the launch of the Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles and managed the successful commercial release of many software titles including Mass Effect, Vanguard, and Asheron’s Call. Since leaving Microsoft Leon also spent three years designing and building interactive training simulations for the Air Force, the Army Research Lab, and DARPA. Leon currently manages the Seller Communication Platform at Amazon.com, and is responsible for building and managing scalable communication systems for millions of customers worldwide. Leon also founded the non-profit Press Play Detroit, which teaches game programming to youth in the Metro Detroit area.

Luke Rodehorst '05

Account Executive, Broadway & the Performing Arts, Google
The Business of Storytelling
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Google has 7 products with 1 billion active users. In order to work towards Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful in the face of such massive troves of data, we need an elegant solution. This solution does not just lie in the complex algorithms of data science and machine learning. Rather, at the core of Google’s business lies a more universal foundation - storytelling. Learn how the qualities of storytelling influence business impact, company culture and personal development.
Luke Rodehorst ’05 has worked at Google for the past 9+ years in the company’s global business operations. He has collaborated with clients ranging from presidential candidates and global refugee aid organizations to Broadway shows and sports leagues to help them grow their business and impact through digital strategy. Luke is a recipient of the company’s Breakthrough Innovation Award for his work on digital narrative insights and is a three-time winner of his vertical’s Storytelling Award. Currently, Luke works on the Ticketing & Live Events Team at Google where he partners closely with Broadway shows and performing arts organizations. He also has written one haiku for the past 2,685 days and counting and is a three-time Moth Story Slam champion.

Brian Rothstein '98

Assistant Professor, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, University Hospitals, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital

From NASCAR to Neurosurgery
(Blocks 1 and 2)
Faculty Partner: Jennie Becker

We all face challenges when making decisions. They can be simple decisions like choosing an option on a dinner menu, or as complex as determining the right surgical approach. The decisions we make every day create a path for us to follow. Have you ever questioned the decisions you have made? Ever wondered what would have happened if you had decided to do something different? Goals are important, but goals can change. Our lives are a collection of experiences, shaped by values and the influence of the mentors we choose. In this class we will explore the role that experience, personal values and self-reflection play in the decisions we make.
Dr. Brian Rothstein ’98, a Hawken Lifer, was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating from Hawken, he attended the University of Miami in Florida, and earned a B.B.A. with a focus in Marketing and Sports Management. He began his career working with a local marketing agency, managing sponsorships in NASCAR, representing professional drivers, and developing innovative marketing campaigns for brands like M&Ms. Although he found great joy in this work, Brian felt something was missing and he decided to leave the business world and return to school. Dr. Rothstein is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and completed a Neurosurgery Residency at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and a fellowship in Pediatric Neurosurgery at The Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He now has the great fortune of practicing at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital where he “grew up,” following in his father’s footsteps.

Matt Salerno ‘92 & Andy Simms ‘92

Danger Zone - An Interactive Negotiation of an NFL QB Contract
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Wake up "feeling dangerous" on Alumni Give Back Day and join Hawken and CWRU Law School classmates Andy Simms '92 and Matt Salerno '92 who will help you negotiate the terms of an NFL QB contract.
Matt Salerno '92
Professor of Law, Case Western Reserve University
Matt Salerno '92 teaches Advanced Legal Writing and Business Negotiations at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Before he joined the CWRU faculty, he spent almost 20 years in private legal practice focusing primarily on business restructuring and corporate counseling. His clients range from Fortune 200 companies to individual business owners. Matt also served as director of strategic partnerships at Hawken School and is a current member and former president of the Hawken Alumni Board. While studying at Case, Matt was an original member of the CWRU School of Law's Sports and Entertainment Legal Society.
Andy Simms '92
Sports Agent, Young Money APAA Sports
Andy Simms '92 co-founded PlayersRep Sports Management in 1997 and his firm was acquired by Lil Waynes Young Money APAA sports group in 2017. While in his second year of law school at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Andy signed and negotiated his first NFL contracts. He currently oversees all football operations at Young Money APAA Sports including negotiation of player contracts, marketing opportunities, coordination of financial and tax advice, and legal services. Young Money works with coaches and athletes, primarily in football, including, Devin McCourty (New England Patriots), Duron Harmon (New England Patriots), Jason McCourty (New England Patriots), Lane Johnson (Philadelphia Eagles), Tyler Boyd (Cincinnati Bengals), Jarran Reed (Seattle Seahawks), and many others. Andy was an original member of CWRU School of Law’s Sports and Entertainment Legal Society and is a member of the Ohio State Bar Association.

Myles Simmons '10

Senior Writer/Team Insider, Los Angeles Rams
Sports Journalism in the 21st Century
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Margaret Gray

How do you follow your favorite sports teams? Your best bet used to be the sports page of the Plain Dealer. But in the last 10 years, there have been major changes to the sports journalism industry, giving consumers more choices than ever for how they receive their news. It’s no longer just newspapers or local TV, but also online media with numerous blogs and podcasts. Because of that, it’s become increasingly important for sports reporters to excel in many different mediums. In this session, students will explore and learn to create written, video, and audio content for the world of sports.
Myles Simmons ’10 is the senior writer and team insider for the Los Angeles Rams. In his role, Myles serves as a beat writer and analyst for the Rams website and also appears on Rams Broadcasting Network television programming. He has been with the organization since 2014, following his graduation from Columbia University where he majored in American Studies. At Hawken, he was an offensive lineman on the football team and participated in the winter musical each year.

Ryan Smith '10

Software Engineer, Keyfactor
Web Security and the Life of a Software Engineer
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Zack Kordeleski

Want to learn how to get a job in web development? Ever wondered why that red lock appears on certain websites chrome considers insecure? Ever thought how your information is kept secret from hackers? Well then, this is a class for you! Come to my class where I’ll talk about my growth as a web developer and certain basics of web security.
Ryan Smith graduated from Hawken in 2010. He majored in electrical and computer engineering at Cornell University. After graduation, he relocated to Cleveland. Ryan’s previous software experience includes employment with Dakota Software and Robots and Pencils. He currently works for Keyfactor, a software company in the web security market.

Brook Turner '04

Writer, ABC Studios
Inside the Writers' Room: How to Break in as a Television Writer
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Ken Clark

Ever watch your favorite TV show and think, I could write that! This course will cover the basics of television development and how to become a staff writer. Students will be asked to watch the pilot episode of a current television show and come prepared to pitch ideas for episode two in our simulated writers' room.
Hawken Lifer Brook Turner ’04 received a full-athletic scholarship to attend the University of California, Berkeley. With the help of the PAC-12 postgraduate scholarship, she attended the University of Southern California’s Peter Stark Producing Program. She was a member of Film Independent’s 2015-2016 Project Involve Fellowship, produced documentaries: One Day I Too Go Fly and Naija Beta, as well as “New and Noteworthy” podcasts, “Short and Sweet” and “Loud Ladies”. Most recently, she was a staff writer on The Fix for ABC Studios, which is slated to premiere in March. Brook is a 2015 inductee into the Hawken School Athletics Hall of Fame.

Dan Waldman '93

Partner, Seyfarth Shaw, LLP
Entrepreneurial Thinking: Absolutely Essential and NOT Just for Entrepreneurs
(Blocks 1 and 2)
Faculty Partner: Sarah Swain

A blend of hard work, intelligence, and luck no longer guarantee a superlative future (whatever that is, anyway). They may have been, at one time, but that has evaporated within your lifetimes. Success  whether you are the next Steve Jobs, whether you pursue a more traditional career, or whether you follow your own path — now hinges on your ability to do something else: Think creatively, decisively, and aggressively (yes, really) to anticipate market demand and then satisfy that demand. This is the essence of entrepreneurial thinking. 
Dan Waldman ’93 will use real-life examples from his own experience (including a few companies you probably know about) demonstrating how entrepreneurial thinking is essential to your success in education, career, and beyond.
Dan Waldman ’93 is an international lawyer. He is a partner in the international department of Seyfarth Shaw, LLP, resident in the firm’s New York office. In this role, Dan regularly represents some of the world’s largest companies in their most sophisticated cross-border employment law matters, most frequently in connection with mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and restructurings, and divestitures. Since starting his career in Silicon Valley, Dan has always remained active with technology start-up companies both in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as New York City. Dan has acted as a founder, board member, advisor, and investor to countless early and later-stage companies.

Kate Waller '04

National Growth Director, Big Green
Kale, Kids, and Kimbal Musk: Scaling America’s Real Food Revolution
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Cris Harris

How do you take an audacious entrepreneurial idea and scale it to maximize social impact?
In this class you will learn how Big Green – a national nonprofit started by Kimbal Musk (yes, brother of Elon) – is powering America’s real food revolution. We will discuss how to identify a problem or opportunity (the fact that obesity-related diseases kill more people in the US than smoking or gun violence combined), and then create a solution (a nationwide network of 600 Learning Gardens at schools, in seven cities, reaching over 300,000 kids daily), to grow an idea into an entrepreneurial reality.
We will talk about the financial, aesthetic, cultural, and legal challenges faced by Big Green along the way. At the end of this class you will have an understanding of how you can apply entrepreneurial mindsets to any idea to scale it, and how you can use these ideas in your career to have a lasting impact on the world.
Hawken Lifer Kate Waller ’04 joined Big Green, Kimbal Musk’s national nonprofit in 2016. Big Green builds innovative outdoor classrooms called Learning Gardens in underserved schools nationwide. This connects kids to real food in order to help them lead healthier, happier lives. She joined Big Green after spending two years building the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network in Colorado. Prior to attending the University of Colorado Law School, Kate founded and served as creative director of BeatUpBoots Media, a content, copywriting, and digital media management firm. After graduating from Hawken, Kate attended Miami University. She was a competitive, FIS and Junior Olympic alpine ski racer for 15 years. She enjoys backcountry skiing, running ultramarathons, and hiking (with her dog Stanley).

Noah Whitehead '09

Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Battlefield Analytics
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Jim Newman

We will explore a case in which quantitative techniques and data science were used to find explosives in Afghanistan and, as a class, produce a model to predict where roadside bombs might be hidden. We will discover how data can tell stories in unlikely places.
After graduating from Hawken in 2009, Noah Whitehead attended Columbia University, where he received a B.S. in Applied Physics. After college, Noah joined the Army, where he served as an engineer officer assigned to the 10th Mountain Division and 3rd Ranger Battalion. Noah deployed to Afghanistan twice, leading both conventional and special operations teams. Noah left the Army in 2018 and began working as a public sector consultant with Deloitte where he specializes in bringing analytics-based insights to federal government clients, including the Department of Defense and the Department of State.

Matthew Widdowson ’04

Management Consulting Manager, Accenture
One Step Ahead – How to Provide the Very Best for Your Clients
(Blocks 1 and 3)
Faculty Partner: Jenna Larson

Imagine meeting with a Fortune 500 client that wants to improve their supply chain to be more digital. You are a young analyst, new to the industry… You need to provide immediate value, but you aren’t sure what to do. We will be discussing foundational skills to succeed in consulting as well as exploring design thinking, storytelling and emerging digital trends on the horizon. I will also provide demos of client problems and solutions in different areas such as Robotic Process Automation, Analytics and Blockchain (think Bitcoin).
We will end the session with a creative problem-solving exercise of a unique and humorous real-world example. The Airbus A350 program struggled to procure lavatories to finish building their $300 million-dollar aircraft – How does it happen? What can we do to prevent this?
Matthew Widdowson ’04 graduated with a degree in engineering management from Miami University. In 2010, he joined the United States Marine Corps Officer’s Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia to become an officer. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and followed up training with The Basic School and Logistics Operations School where he became a reserve logistics officer. He joined Caterpillar in 2012 as a supply chain engineer. He primarily worked in the Assurance of Supply Center as a project manager and Six Sigma Green Belt paving the way for the company’s supply chain data analytics. In 2015, Matthew joined Accenture as a consultant in the SW-Resources group. He has delivered value for six different clients in less than four years. He also focuses on working on innovative offerings where he co-earned a patent in blockchain technology. Matthew is currently a management consulting manager focusing on leading robotic process automation projects nationally.

H. Spencer Young '92

Artist and Filmmaker, H. Spencer Young Studio
The Image-maker
(Blocks 2 and 4)
Faculty Partner: Denise Buckley

In one hour, this class will rush headlong into what it means to be a creator of images at this extraordinary point in time, whether for art, for marketing, for social popularity or for revolution.
H. Spencer Young ’92 is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker. He has a B.A. in Visual Media from The American University in Washington, D.C. where his narrative thesis won the American Visions juried competition. Spencer was sponsored by Czech author and screenwriter Arnost Lustig to attend FAMU, the Czech National Film School in Prague, where he studied with luminaries of European cinema. He was one of 13 students selected by presidential historian Dr. Douglas Brinkley for The Majic Bus, a collegiate experiential learning program. The Majic Bus visited 40 states, studying American road literature, the geography of the American civil rights struggle, American intellectual history, and American Social history, taught site-by-site by those that figured prominently. Spencer’s films for Hudson’s Bay Company, Joan as Police Woman, Juice Press, Nike, Honor, Mykki Blanco and Lord & Taylor have been featured in W Magazine, the Zoe Report, Brooklyn Vegan, Elle Magazine, Paper Magazine, the Cleveland International Film Festival, and many others. Spencer’s work has been exhibited in New York at Carriage Trade Gallery, Rox Gallery, the New York Times, Chris Davison Gallery, Galerie Richard, Lyles & King, and the New York Public Library.
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