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The Hawken Review, Winter 2019

The Hawken Review magazine is published twice a year for the Hawken community. 

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The Hawken Review, Summer 2018

The Hawken Review magazine is published twice a year for the Hawken community. 

See below for Review archives.

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Review Archives


List of 14 items.

  • Summer 2017

    Vol 37, No 2
    -Living in Stirn Hall
  • Winter 2017

    Vol 37, No 1
    - The Birchwood Story
    - Stirn Hall Grand Opening Recap
  • Summer 2016

    Vol 36, No 2
    -The Business of Education
  • Winter 2016

    Vol 36, No 1
    -Why Space Matters
    -Cleveland Redux
  • Summer 2015

    Vol 35, No 2
    -A Seminar in the Making of a School: A Century of Teachers Believing in Students
    -Centennial Weekend Highlights
  • Winter 2015

    Vol 35, No 1
    -Commemorating Hawken's 100th Anniversary
    -Things Worth Remembering
    -HawkFest Weekend
  • Summer 2014

    -The Future for Education: Why Hawken Has to Lead, by D. Scott Looney
  • Fall 2013

    -Something Significant
    -No Time to Lose
    -Announcing Stirn Hall
    -The Sydell & Arnold Miller Institute for Entrepreneuial Studies
  • Fall 2012-Winter 2013

    Vol 33, No 2
    Traditions Old & New

    -A Wonderful, Living Bridge
    -Fulfilling Our Mission
    -In the Spirit of Tradition
    -Fair Play: Pam Blossom '83
  • Spring-Summer 2012

    Vol 33, No 1
    Hawken & Cleveland
    -The Using of It
    -Why Give Back
    -Crossing the River
    - Play: Hawken Parent Janice Hawwa
  • Fall 2011-Winter 2012

    Vol 32, No 2
    -Q&A: A Visit with Hawken Early Childhood Faculty
    -Hawken Opens New Early Childhood Center
    -Fair Play: Upper School English Teacher Peter Scott
  • Spring 2011

    Vol 32, No 1
    -Q&A: A Visit with Alumni Parents
    -Hawken's New Early Childhood Center
    -The State of the School
    -Thought Leaders
    -Fair Play: Director of Early Childhood Mary Beth Hilborn
  • Fall 2010

    Vol 31, No 2
    Hawken Returns to University Circle
    -4th Grade in University Circle
    -Upper School Adopts New Schedule
    -Q&A: Fifth Grade Teacher Karen Doyle
    -Fair Play: Middle School Humanities Chair Garet Libbey
  • Summer 2010

    Vol 31, No 1
    -I Believe: Reflections from our Community
    -Fair Play: Director of Athletics Jim Doyle 


List of 19 items.

  • Fall 2009

    Vol 30, No 2
    -Q&A: Upper School English and Humanities Teacher Cris Harris
    The Readiness Initiative
    -Fair Play: Upper School English and Humanities Teacher Andrew Cleminshaw
  • Spring 2009

    Vol 30, No 1
    -Values Added
    A Hawken Education: A Sound Investment
    -Q&A: Middle School History Teacher Tim Desmond
    -Fair Play: Upper School English Teacher John Tottenham
  • Winter 2009

    Vol 29, No 2
    Education for the Future
    -Q&A: Director of Technology Dr. Ryan Wooley
    -Look Back at Forward-Focused Preparation
    -Hawken at University Circle
    -Fair Play: Upper School Director Ross Peters
  • Spring 2008

    Vol 29, No 1
    -New Writing Center
    -Students Travel Globe
    Hawken Returns to University Circle
  • Fall 2007

    Vol 28, No 2
    2007: A Year of Discovery
    -Our Purpose, Promise and Principles
    -What Graduates Say About Hawken School
    -The Spirit of Walton Weekend
    -Fair Play: Jeff Biggar '68
  • Spring 2007

    -Walton Stadium
    -Inside Hawken's Classrooms
    -Fair Play: Madeleine Bruml '07
  • Fall 2006

    Lincoln Hall Opens
    -Hawken's Young Alumni
    -Fair Play: Jonah Rosenfield '89
  • Winter 2006

    -Why It Matters
  • Summer 2005

    -Making a Difference
    -Fair Play, by Charles H. Sachs ‘67
  • Winter 2005

    -Faculty Focus
  • Summer 2004

    -Making a Difference
    -Fair Play, by Ayad Rahim ‘80
  • Winter 2004

    -Starting at the Middle
    -Q&A: Bill Waskowitz
    -The Making of Lyndhurst
  • Spring 2003

    -Q&A: Some Hawken Traditions Stand the Test of Time, with Benedict Schneider, M.D. ‘30
    -Traditions Bond us Together
    -In Their Own Words
    -Faculty Perspectives: Buck Buck is gone but the Tree Remains, by Lawrence Nelson
    -Pool Dedication Highlights Alumni Weekend
  • Fall 2002

    -Q&A: Keeping Alumni Active in the Hawken Community, with Jen Boland Jared ‘89
    -Lending a Helping Hand
    -Making a Difference
    -Hawken Develops Community Council
    -Alumni Board Roundtable
  • Spring 2002

    -Q&A Considering the Paperless Classroom, with Bill Waskowitz
    -Creating a Vision for 21st Century Schools, By Patrick Bassett
    -Curriculum Mapping Should Change Course of Education at Hawken
    -Preparing Students for the Unknown, by Michael Weiss '75, Leonard Spacek '90 and Chad Callaghan '98
    -A Letter from Alex Kennedy 
  • Fall 2001

    Vol 22, No 2
    Hawken's Athletic Complex & Holtrey Pool
    -Q&A: Jeffrey Biggar '68
    -Hawken's Faculty
    -Community Unity
    -Learning About Diversity
    -Working Together, Growing Together
    -From Our Students
    -Life After Hawken September 11
  • Spring 2001

    Vol 22, No 1
    Athletics at Hawken
    -Q&A: Robert Bostwick '74, Pool Architect
    -They Came, They Saw, They Kept Right on Playing
    -A Question of Balance, A Question of Time
    -The Many Roles of Hawken's Coaches
    -Hawken Takes the Plunge!
  • Fall 2000

    Vol 21, No 2
    The Family at Hawken
    -Q&A: Russ Lincoln '64
    -Hawken's Legacy Families
    -A Parent's Guide to Getting Involved at Hawken
    -When Families Clash as Children Grow
    -Defining "The Better Self"
  • Spring 2000

    Vol 21, No 1
    Our Faculty: People with Passion and Rigor
    -Q&A: Director of Athletics Tom Bryan
    -The Teaching Life: The Early Years
    -The Way of Lao Tsu
    -Through the Eyes of Ancient Greece
    -A Special Bond


List of 18 items.

  • Summer-Fall 1999

    -Q&A: Building With the “New” Browns, with Trip MacCracken ‘92
    -Earthwatch at Kewalo Basin, by John Peacock ‘99
    -The Village Smitty, Ken Roby ‘81
    -’69 Hawk Hatches Eaglets, Harvey Webster '69
    -With Compliments to the Chef, Pamela Cole Waterman '83
    -Blueprints for the Strategic Plan
    -From One Institution to Another, An Open Letter to Jim Snavely
  • Winter 1999

    -Q&A: Talking with the Head, with James S. Berkman
    -Dare to Dream, by David S. Ross ‘82
    -Passionately Engaged, Kathryn Lucier ‘85
    -Greetings from Uganda, by Kevin Neebes ‘91
    -Right at Home: 7 Alumni Working at Hawken
    -More than Books Alone: Homeschooling before Hawken, by Bryce Kirchhausen '99
    -A Gift for Teaching
  • Summer 1998

    -Q&A: Presidentially Speaking, with Bill Madar
    -Classroom Views: Altman, Gojak, Gross, MacCracken, Scott
    -To Charles P. Bolton…, by Peter Sipple '54
    -One Man’s Passion, by Charlise Lyles ‘77
    -Keeping History Alive
    -A Tip of the Hat, by John Sherwin Jr. ‘53
  • Winter 1998

    -Q&A: Heart to Heart, with Virginia Kennedy
    -Beyond Bali, by Betsy Pollack Shimberg ‘86
    -Njo, Njo, by Jennifer Talbot ‘89
    -Orang Putih (White Man) in a Foreign Land, by Griff Ralston ‘90 and Sarah Ralston ‘86
    -Dr. Sherman, Medicine Woman, by Dr. Lori Sherman ‘84
  • Summer 1997

    -Q&A: Beyond Broadway, with Steve Klein ‘66
    -Ropes Corse Goes Corporate
    -The Renaissance of Latin
    -Unsinkable Molly Shannon
    -Can’t Stop Loving You, by Peter Scott
    -Bosnia: Hope in the Ashes, by David Manuel Jr. ‘51
    -A Life in the Music, by Albert Conkey ‘31
  • Winter 1997

    -Q&A: A Stroke of Gold, interview with Melanie Valerio ’87 Olympic gold medalist
    -Technology, Transition & Education, by Bruce Carr
    -Notes from the Frontline
    -Going to State, men's soccer
    -To A Higher Plane of Life, by William Lewis ‘86
  • Summer 1996

    -Reunion Weekend ’96 Highlights
    -Education at Hawken: past, present, and future, by Richard F. Barter
    -The Nature of Good Schooling, by Peter Sipple ‘54
    -The Writing Workshop: authors in training, by Liane Beier
  • Winter 1996

    -Musings while on Vacation: a thoughtful essay on current political tensions in the Balkans
    -Hawken’s Bright Horizons Program: community service through action!
    -Volunteerism on the national scene: learning through empowering others
  • Spring-Summer 1995

    Vol 16, No 2
    -Celebrating 20 Years of Coeducation
    -Up the Magic Mountain, by Charlise Lyles '77
    -Drinking Lots of Coffee, by Molly Shannon '83
    -The Rules of a Traveler, by Susan Hellerstine, MD '77
  • Fall 1994

    Vol 16, No 1
    -Dare to Think, by John Tottenham
    -Beaucoup D'aventures and More!
  • Spring 1994

    Vol 15, No 3
    Preserving Our Heritage
    -The Senior Project Program
    -Hawken Legacies
    -Football Memories
    -Headmaster's Column - Hawken Today: Renewal and Revitalization
  • Summer 1993

    Vol 15, No 2
    A Tribute to David S. Ingalls, Jr. '49
    -Hawken Mourns Loss of David S. Ingalls
    -6th Graders Witness Heart Surgery
    -Headmaster's Column: Richard F. Barter
  • Winter 1992-93

    Vol 15, No 1
    Defining Hawken's Culture
    -The Culture of the School
    -Hawken Essentials: What has Really Changed at Hawken
    -Fourth Graders, Faculty and Friends: a Faculty View of Hawken's ethos
    -On Hawken's Culture: D. Bruce Carr
  • Spring 1992

    Vol 14, No 2
    Learning to Give
    -Lending a Hand: Community Service at Hawken
    -Beginning the Barter Era
    -The World of Words
    -Trustee's Note: Leigh Fabens
  • Fall 1991

    Vol 14, No 1
    A New Era Begins
    -Then Came Dick Barter
    -The Hawken Haibara Exchange
    -Hawken Forms Partnership with Cleveland School
    -Trustee's Note: Leigh Fabens
  • Spring 1991

    Vol 13, No 2
    A Tribute to Doug Stenberg
    -T. Douglas Stenberg, Portrait of a Headmaster
    -Trustee Note: Leigh Fabens
  • Fall 1990

    Vol 13, No 1
    75 Years - Celebrating Teachers and Teaching
    -Hawken's 75th
    -Mayor Mike White Visits Hawken
    -Trustee Note: John Sherwin '53
  • Spring 1990

    Vol 12, No 2
    -Focus on Diversity
    -Big Time in the Big Ten
    -Headmaster's Note: T. Douglas Stenberg


List of 18 items.

  • Autumn 1989

    -The School Celebrates its 75th Year
  • Summer 1988

    -A Tropical Delight
    -Senior Project
  • Winter 1988

    -Higher Education: Fitting the Pieces Together
  • Summer 1987

    -The McCreary Prize
  • Winter-Spring 1986-87

    -Mrs. H, by Diane Goodman
    -Circle W: The History of the White House, Part II, by Pat Hoffman
    -The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemmingway, Book Review by Robert Hanson
  • Winter-Spring 1985-86

    -Bit by Bit:  Putting Together Hawken's Playground
    -Studies of the Heart, by David Hellerstein '71
  • Winter 1985-86

    Vol 10, No 1
    -Electricity, by Lew McCreary '66
    -The Middle School, by Diane Goodman
    -In Pursuit of Higher Education, By Todd Heath, History Teacher

  • May 1985

    Vol 9, No 2
    -Science at Hawken
    -A Sense of Wonder
    -Why Do Things Work the Way They Do?
    -What Happens Next?
    -The Olympics of the Mind
  • December 1984

    Vol 9, No 1
    -It's Not Just Getting to the Top, by Joe Palmer '80
    -"Something Out There," by Martha Brown
  • May 1984

    Vol 8, No 2
    -Hawken School: The Survey
    -McKinsey and Co.: The Findings
    -Hawken's Kenkels Enter the Primaries
    -Furst in our Hearts
    -The Varsity Coach and Friction
  • December 1983

    Vol 8, No 1
    - Hawken Filmmakers: In Focus
  • May 1983

    Vol 7, No 2
    -Portrait of a Pioneer: Charles N. Jordan, Jr. '65
    -Making Sense of the Sixties, by David T. P. Perrin '69
  • December 1982

    Vol 7, No 1
    -Down from the Bleachers
    -Going Coed

  • May 1982

    Vol 6, No 2
    -Where Are They Now?  Robin Wallace, Chilton Thomson, Keith Warner, Peter Relic

  • December 1981

    Vol 6, No 1
    -Admissions: The In's and Out's
    -A Tribute to R. Livingston Ireland 1985-1981
  • May 1981

    Vol 5, No 2
    -Our Sporting Life: A Focus on PE and Athletics
  • December 1980

    Vol 5, No 1
    -Writing: A Special Feature
    -TDS: The Man Behind the Title
  • May 1980

    Vol 4, No 2
    -Teaching the Arts at Hawken
    -Murial Bell: Her School and Her Boys Revisited
    -The Early Years of the Country Day Camp at Hawken School
    -New at the Lower School: Fun for the Able-Minded
    -Mr. Poutasse Answers Questions You Might Never Raise Your Hand to Ask
    -My Teacher, My Friend: Peter W. Sipple '54


List of 9 items.

  • December 1979

    Vol 4, No 1
    -The Holmes Award
    -Sailing Out of Egypt: Adventure on the High Seas
    -An Informance: Dr. Frances Cole
    -Bass Faces Dilemma: Fame Versus Lifestyle

  • May 1979

    Vol 3, No 2
    -Headmaster Participates in Leadership Cleveland
    -Teams that use their Heads
    -The Hiram House Experience
    -Monopoly Marathon
  • December 1978

    Vol 3, No 1
    -A Sense of Setting
    -Arthur Laffer '55, Economist
    -Richard Ward Day 1916-1978

  • June 1978

    Vol 2, No 2
    -An Interview with Fred Hoffman
    -Bonjour Concours
    -From Father to Son, and so on
    -Rick Lucas '70
    -Charles R. Stephens 1889-1978
  • December 1977

    Vol 2, No 1
    -Planning Ahead
    -An Interview with Lincoln Reavis
    -White House Garden, Senior Project
    -A Game That's Strictly Business
    -William T.S. Baker 1880-1977
  • May 1977

    Vol 1, No. 1
    -In Memoriam: France Payne Bolton
    -A Revisionist View, A Revisited View
    -Buck Buck has gone - but the tree is still here
    -Reading: A Family Affair
  • Spring 1976

    Spring 1976
    60th Anniversary
    -The Alumni Board
    -Summer Hummer
  • Summer 1972

    Summer 1972
    -The Pickering Proposal
    -Dedication to an Ideal
    -Alumni Spotlight: Steve Klein '66
    -Practical Arts
    -The Senior Project
    -Student Teachers
    -Scholarship Help from Independence Foundation
  • Fall 1971

    Fall 1971
    -The Integrated Day
    -Strong Memorial
    -Modular Scheduling


List of 4 items.

  • Summer 1969

    Vol 2, No 2
    -Rationale for an Ethics Course: James Bresnicky
  • Winter 1969

    Vol 2, No 1
    -Students Concerned About Racism, Charles N. Jordan, Jr.
    -Headmaster's Letter: Senior Project program initiated
  • Summer 1968

    Vol 1, No 2
    "The Ansel Road Years," Charles R. Stephens, Assistant Headmaster, 1916-1959
  • Winter 1967-68

    Vol 1, No 1
    -"That the Better Self Shall Prevail," Edward R. Kast, Headmaster
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