Summer Updates 2021

Welcome to the summer updates page!  We hope you'll find the documents and links you'll need here as you prepare for the start of the next school year.

Other Important Documents

  • End of Year School Transcript Release
    Students who are new to Hawken Upper School should submit this form to their previous schools so that we receive the final transcript.  For most students, this transcript will be required before students can attend classes in the fall.
  • Work Permit Application
    Complete the top half yourself, and have your employer complete the bottom, then scan/photo the application and e-mail it to  He will return a PDF of the actual permit by e-mail, which you can then print, sign, and submit.

    Due to vacation schedules, permits will not be processed July 2-9 and July 23-30.

Summer Contacts

Summer Office Hours are 8:30 to 3:30, Monday to Thursday, and 8:30 to 12:30 on Friday. 

Lower School:
(440) 423-2910
     Nurse Vicki Goodrich, (440) 423-2100
Middle School: (440) 423-2920
     Nurse Vicki Goodrich, (440) 423-2100
Upper School: (440) 423-2915
     Nurse Annette Thompson, (440) 423-2913
Mastery School: (440) 423-8801
     Nurse Gail Burns, (440) 423-8802

Hawken Summer Math Packet Philosophy

Just as routine reading and writing enhances literacy by explaining ideas, sharing information, and engaging with stories, we believe students enhance their fluency in mathematical language--their numeracy--by routinely interacting with quantitative information: using numbers to describe patterns, engaging in logical play, solving applied and theory problems. School provides structured opportunities to enhance numeracy, but activities obviously change during the summer.

In the Lower School, we provide students and families many resources to enhance numeracy by engaging in math through play and by solving real problems in the world around them. We encourage all families to look for opportunities to do math with their children throughout the summer and to Get Ready for the new school year in August. Encourage literacy and numeracy!

All Hawken students entering grades 6-12 are expected to complete a set of problems each summer before returning to school. Ideally, students should complete their summer math packets in the 2-3 weeks prior to school restarting in August after summer packets are released on the last Friday in July. Their purpose is to help students Get Ready for the start of the coming school year by re-activating concepts they learned in their last math classes. The problems selected for summer packets reflect the foundational ideas upon which Hawken’s teachers will build the first few units of the new school year.

Completed packets are due from all students to their new teachers on the first day of school. Students should expect to receive feedback on their work within about a week from the start of school. The form of that feedback will vary from teacher to teacher and course to course.

Ideally, students should be able to solve all of the problems packet without assistance, but it is entirely appropriate to work with others and research online sites for help on any concepts that aren’t completely remembered. Most packets include suggestions for optional resources, if needed. If a student does use any external source, that help should be indicated in the solutions to help the new teacher get a sense of which topics might need additional review at the start of the new school year. While students first should attempt to solve problems on their own, there is no harm or penalty in seeking help; the point of summer work is to Get Ready for success in the coming year.

Cover pages are posted initially with suggestions for preparation; the actual packets will be posted on July 26th so that student work on the problems is still in recent memory when school starts.

Athletics Information

Practices for fall sports begin Monday, August 2nd. This includes football, volleyball, girls tennis, girls and boys soccer, girls and boys golf, boys and girls cross country, and field hockey. Other summer practice dates are encouraged. Please communicate with team coaches regarding attendance at June and July sessions.

Pre-season Meeting for Parents and Student-Athletes
Thursday, August 5, 7:00 to 8:00 PM
Kennedy Auditorium

At least one parent is required to attend this meeting per Hawken participation policy and OHSAA rules.

Alumni Sports Day
Saturday, August 7 (tentative)
11am: Girls soccer, volleyball, cross country, tennis, field hockey
1pm: Boys soccer
4pm: Flag football

An independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school, toddler through grade 12

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Mastery School of Hawken, 11025 Magnolia Dr, Cleveland, OH 44106

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