Physical Education & Wellness

Lower School
Physical Education in preschool through grade 5 supports each student’s physical, mental, emotional, and social development. PS and PK meet once a week, while the remaining K-5 grade levels meet three times over a two-week cycle. Our elementary physical education and aquatics program provides opportunities to improve physical fitness and skill development and to establish positive attitude and responsibility toward physical activity and wellness. In grades 4 and 5, students have the opportunity to participate in our Viking and Cyclops Society competition, which gives them the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills during game play. Experiential learning opportunities include a 4th grade Basic Aid Training program and a 5th grade Chapin Forest outdoor winter excursion.    
Middle School
Physical education in middle school supports each student’s physical, mental, emotional, and social development through skill practice and game play. Grade 6 focuses on an introduction to middle school athletics by understanding the concepts and skills required for each sport. They meet five-days a week. Grades 7 and 8 are engaged in activities that keep them active. New sports are introduced through international and invasion games and the major fitness components are encompassed in every class. They meet two-days a week. Students are involved in Red/Gray society competitions, which is an extension of Viking and Cyclops. Experiential learning opportunities include the 6th grade STEM and roller skating activity. The year ends with a culminating field day event for grades 4-8.
Middle School
Health classes in grades 6 – 8 address physical, social, emotional, cognitive and interpersonal health and often utilize interactive, project-based learning to help students understand and navigate important life decisions. Other essential topics include identity and body systems.
Upper School
The philosophical emphases of the Upper School physical education department are the development of a lifelong commitment to fitness and a personalized healthy lifestyle. Through our strength and conditioning program and use of our state of the art facilities, students identify and shape their individual relationship to fitness. All ninth and tenth graders are required to take physical education. Students in eleventh grade are exempt from their fifth semester of physical education if they are participating in interscholastic athletics. Ninth graders learn these fitness principles through an individualized physical education program by use of a heart rate monitor system and team oriented activities. Beyond ninth grade, physical education is broken into an advanced performance-training course and a basic fitness-training program; both of which aim to expose students to appropriate levels of fitness and conditioning.

Health 1, taken in ninth grade, addresses contemporary health issues such as stress and stress management, mental health in adolescents, nutrition, human sexuality, drugs and alcohol, and many more. Upon completion of the Health 2 course taken in tenth grade, each student will receive an American Red Cross certificate for CPR and First Aid. Instruction will be designed to stress fundamentals toward both written and practical application of these lifesaving skills.

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