The Sheffield Society – Living (January 2014)

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Mr. & Mrs. George N. Aronoff
David ’47 & Jacquelyne Baker
Dr. & Mrs. Richard F. Barter
Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Bartlett III
Scott ’77 & Deborah Beatty
James & McKey Berkman
Jeffrey ’68 & Marjorie Biggar
Thomas E. Bletcher, Jr. ’55
Charles ’57 & Julia Bolton
Susan & William ’67 Bruner II
Timothy Burroughs ’67 and Thea Antos
J. W. Andre Bustamante ’79
Peter ’69 & Jan Calfee
Kristina & John ’49 Chandler, Jr.
Robert M. Clements, Jr. ’57 & Beth Richardson Gutcheon
David ’85 & Jamie ’87 Cole
Marc S. Conlin ’64
Richard C. Crease ’74
Anne & Edward ’44 deConingh, Jr.
Charles T. DeWoody ‘56
Amanda Ellis-Thurber ’90 & Ross Thurber
Whitney ’51 & Jeanette Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Ferrari
Dennis P. Fisco ‘73
George W. Ford II ’44
Christopher ’68 & Martha Fusco
H.W. Birkett Gibson ’68
Gary ’80 & Jennifer Goodman
Amy F. Green
Bob ’44 & Sally Gries
Peter & Debra Guren
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Hicks
Kip ’65 & Jean Horsburgh
Ms. Elizabeth A. Hosmer ’84
Peter ’67 & Christine Hurd
James D. Ireland III ’68
Ms. Elizabeth G. Johnson
Henri Pell Junod, Jr. ’59
Bob & Annie Kachurek
Walter & Jean Kalberer
Bruce Kendrick ’42
Mr. James M. & Dr. Marcia Lewis
Russ ’64 & Connie Lincoln
Mr. Michael Linden ’64
Jeff & Susan Lucier
Mrs. Otto Lutherer
J. Christopher ’65 & Kathy Manners
Alexander Markovich
Alexander ’42 & Marianna* McAfee
Amanda F. Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Palmer
Felice ’78 & Christopher Pierce
Stephan ’69 & Susan Podrygula
Mrs. Clara T. Rankin
Ellen Roberts ’76 & Mario Sinicariello
Peter ’77 & Martha Rome
Nelson Henry Rose ’60
Steven ’84 & Ellen Ross
Alan & Barbara Rosskamm
Christopher ’67 & Michele Royan
Charles ’67 & Kim Sachs
Craig ’71 & Jayne Saint-Amour
Bradley ’85 & Heather Schlang
Cary ’85 & Silvia Schmelzer
Ms. Heidi L. Schmidt ’76
Clara & John ’53 Sherwin, Jr.
Peter ’54 & Margaret Sipple
Mr. & Mrs. Howard F. Stirn
Mrs. Marcie Thompson
F. Jerome Tone IV ‘73
John ’66 & Debby Tracy
Peggy & Howard ’67 Tuttle, Jr.
Malcolm B. Vilas, Jr. ‘59
Michael ’81 & Lori Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Warshawsky
Kenneth Singer & Marcia Wexberg
Scott A. Wolstein ’70
David A. Yen ’76
The Sheffield Society (previously known as the Hawken Heritage Society) was formalized in the 1990s as a way to recognize appropriately those individuals who have included Hawken School in their estate plans. Increasingly, alumni, parents, and friends use planned giving techniques to add to gifts made to Hakwen during their lifetime.

A planned gift refers to any charitable gift, current or deferred, which is planned - usually with professional advice - to optimize the donor's financial, tax, and estate plans. Anyone who lets the School know in writing that they have made a legacy commitment in the form of: a bequest; a life income instrument; a beneficiary designation of a retirement plan or insurance policy; or other estate planning tool is granted membership in this Society. Because members play an inegral part in shaping future generations of gifted students, we encourage you to consider joining other leaders and benefactors who have made a commitment to the Sheffield Society.


The chief advantages of a planned gift to donors are:
  • Can generate a stream of income to you and/or other beneficiaries you choose to name for life or a specified term of years
  • Allows you to convert low yield assets into an arrangement that will produce a higher income stream
  • Can increase your lifetime giving potential
  • Can permanently link your name to Hawken by creating an endowed fund
  • Can reduce or eliminate capital gains and estate taxes
  • Lets your heirs and the community know that you value the work of the School
For more information about Hawken's Sheffield Society, or to inform the School of a legacy commitment, please contact:

Jeffrey M. Biggar '68
Life Trustee & Chair, Visiting Committee
440-423-2084 office
216-272-8024 cell

Hawken School | Lower & Middle Schools, 5000 Clubside Rd, Lyndhurst, OH 44124
Upper School, PO Box 8002 (12465 County Line Rd), Gates Mills, OH 44040
Gries Center, 10823 Magnolia Dr, Cleveland, OH 44106