Physical Education

Grade 6
Physical Education
  • Demonstrates an understanding of strategy, rules, scoring and game play of various sports   
  • Improves skills related to various sports including ball control, technique, team play, and form   
  • Develops an understanding of fitness components including cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility   
  • Strengthens swimming technique, speed, endurance and diving skills through a focus on competitive swim
Health & Well-being
The sixth grade health curriculum seeks to offer foundational skills to students regarding self-care, decision-making, stress management, nutrition, and goal setting. We seek to prepare students to approach topics and themes through the lens of identity and self-advocacy. Other key goals include understanding the four core aspects of health; physical, emotional, psychological, and interpersonal, as well as understanding and applying a range of Protective Health Factors which help promote social and emotional competence.
Grade 7
Physical Education
  • Introduces a variety of unique physical activity opportunities that promote lifelong activity   
  • Develops trust-building, problem solving, and communication skills through adventure leadership activities   
  • Enhances fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship through team games and fitness activities   
  • Strengthens swimming technique, speed, endurance and diving skills
Health & Well-being
Health 7 is a deeply interactive class that utilizes project-based learning to enable students to better understand and navigate important life-decisions with knowledge and insight.  Students engage in a deep examination of how they experience health in their lives; what they do well, and how they can improve. Each student researches and creates a detailed Personal Strategy for Health and Wellness. We also explore digital competence and the benefits and challenges of various communication styles. Other essential topics include puberty and human sexuality, with a focus on reproductive body systems, gender roles, identity and adolescent development.
Grade 8
Physical Education
  • Advances fitness understanding and training through warm-ups, heart rate monitoring, strength building, endurance, and agility drills   
  • Develops leadership skills through adventure leadership challenges   
  • Acquires specific skills and strategy for net games and field games   
  • Learns skills and strategy of water sports including water volleyball, basketball, polo and aerobics
Health & Well-being
In eighth grade, students build on the foundation established in prior years. We explore a range of concepts with an emphasis on transition to ninth grade, identifying healthy and unhealthy stress, mental health, and refusal skills. Students also research and discuss assertiveness and decision-making processes. Eighth graders engage in small-group discussions and research about adolescent sexual development in the context of physical, emotional and interpersonal growth. 
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