Early Childhood Center

An Environment that Supports Learning

Hawken’s new Early Childhood Center provides an environment that supports our nationally recognized early childhood programming. The interior of the new facility resulted from collaboration with Creative Environments Design Collaborative, a nationally known educational design firm, to accommodate Hawken’s unique developmental continuum, which is grounded in the belief that the aesthetic environment plays a significant role in a child’s development. Hawken’s new space enhances programming by inspiring exploration, supporting a range of social learning experiences, and encouraging development of motor skills.

Phase I of Hawken’s new Early Childhood Center was completed in August 2011 and includes a shared community space with kitchen area; additional prekindergarten classrooms; renovated classrooms; upgraded office, conference, and faculty spaces; and a new Learning Enhancement Center.

Phase II was completed in 2013 and includes a new facade that continues the Georgian architecture of the existing Lyndhurst campus, a new Lower School entrance, and additional classroom upgrades.

Experts Impressed with New Center

Hawken opened the doors to a stunning new early childhood center in August 2011, with a celebration that included a keynote address from renowned education expert Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, Professor of Pediatrics Emeritus Harvard Medical School and founder of the Brazelton Touchpoints Center at Children’s Hospital Boston.
The revered Dr. Brazelton was visibly impressed with the new building and with what Hawken is doing for its youngest learners saying: "It's a real inspiration. I’ve seen a lot of early childhood spaces and this is the most beautiful and child centered space I’ve ever seen.”

A Nationally Recognized Program

Hawken’s early childhood team has researched and created The Hawken Developmental Continuum. Establishing Hawken as one of the most cutting edge early childhood programs in Ohio and beyond, the Continuum enables Hawken educators to deeply know their students by benchmarking their growth across five domains of development: social and emotional, approaches to learning, cognitive, language and literacy, and physical development.

The Hawken Developmental Continuum is designed for children from preschool through second grade and sets reasonable expectations for grade level performance across the domains based on state, national and international education standards. The Continuum also allows teachers to identify a child’s strengths and areas for improvement, which aids in planning curriculum that supports developmental growth and promotes student success.

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