We believe that participation in interscholastic athletics is a rich opportunity for all students to further their Hawken education. As such, the mission of Hawken Athletics, is that of Hawken School:
Forward-focused preparation for the real world through the development of character and intellect.
In addition, and in order to further clarify goals and ideals for the engagement of student-athletes at Hawken, the Hawken Athletics Statement of Philosophy is as follows:
We believe that all routines, practices, exercises, and exchanges associated with the Hawken School Athletic Program should be conducted and executed in concert with the Mission of Hawken School, and with the following ideals:
  • that our students lead their athletic lives by the school’s core values, including self-confidence and determination, embracing challenge, empathy and integrity, work ethic, and Fair Play.
  • that our athletes embody and exhibit excellent sportsmanship at all times.           
  • that our athletes commit themselves to team, school, and self. 
  • that our athletes have opportunity for excellence in growth and skill development, regardless of their individual ability and experience. 
  • that our athletes and teams seek and strive toward high goals in interscholastic sports.           
  • that our athletes and teams compete to win with each contest, always within the context of our mission and philosophy.
Hawken employs professional, experienced, and highly-trained coaches who are committed to our mission and principles. Sound preparation, individualized training, attention to team unity and chemistry, strength and conditioning, training of mind and body, and use of technological training tools are just some of the hallmarks and expectations of Hawken coaching. Hawken School also prides itself on our state-of-the-art competition and training facilities, abundance of space, excellent equipment, and our beautiful setting. 
Hawken School makes every effort to provide appropriate opportunities for students with a wide-range of athletic abilities willing to make the necessary personal commitment. Although Hawken teams and players will always strive to win, the primary emphasis of middle school, freshman, and junior varsity teams is to nurture team concepts and develop athletic skills since these are developmental programs. Varsity-level programs aim to compete with each contest and strive to win league, local, regional, and state championships. Depending on the degree of competition in any given contest, varsity coaches will decide which students will play and which may not have that opportunity.
In our quest for excellence in both competitive success and character education, Hawken has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance, among other organizations, to help coaches, student-athletes, and parents navigate the youth sports landscape successfully. Positive Coaching Alliance employs a “double-goal” coaching philosophy, which aligns with Hawken’s mission and philosophy. The double-goal approach emphasizes competing to win, while always maintaining the focus on character first. Hawken and PCA provide many opportunities, through workshops and publications, for coaches, students-athletes, and parents to learn and discuss best practices in their approaches to scholastic sports.  

Highlights and Statistics
Approximately 74% participation rate – students who participate in at least one sport
36 OHSAA State Championships in school history
#5 All-time among all Ohio high schools
30 Girls State Championships (27 swimming, 2 track and field, 1 girls golf)
# 1 among Ohio high schools
Girls Swimming - 19 consecutive State Championships
Ohio HS Record any sport; 3rd longest active streak in United States
2017 – Boys and Girls Swimming State Championships
Only 24th time in Ohio history that same school won boys and girls State Championships in the same sport, same year.
College sports participation has ranged 15%-25% of graduating class in recent years; the national average is 6% participation.
2016-17 Highlights
Girls Soccer: District Runner-up; Maggie Canitia ’17 All-American
Boys Soccer: District Semi-finalist
Boys Cross Country: Chagrin Valley Conference Champions
Girls Cross Country:  Regional Qualifiers; Carly Perusek ’20, State Qualifier
Boys Golf: Undefeated Season (13-0); Chagrin Valley Conference Champions; Jack Gole ’19, State
Wrestling:  J.P. Hlifka ’18, State Qualifier
Boys Basketball:  Chagrin Valley Conference Champions
Spring 2016 Highlights
Girls Lacrosse: Caroline Tatsuoka ’17 All-American
Boys Lacrosse:  Logan Lair ’16 1st Team All-Ohio
Baseball:  Chagrin Valley Conference Champions; District Runner-up
Boys Track & Field:  Spencer Wilson ’16 State Qualifier

Sports Offerings at Hawken

    Fall Season - Boys     Winter Season - Boys     Spring Season - Boys
    Varsity Cross Country     Varsity Basketball     Varsity Baseball
    Varsity Football     Junior Varsity Basketball     Junior Varsity Baseball
    Junior Varsity Football     Freshman Basketball     Varsity Lacrosse
    Varsity Golf     Varsity Swimming/Diving     Varsity Tennis
    Junior Varsity Golf     Varsity Wrestling     Varsity Track & Field
    Varsity Soccer
    Junior Varsity Soccer
    Fall Season - Girls     Winter Season - Girls     Spring Season - Girls
    Varsity Cross Country     Varsity Basketball     Varsity Lacrosse
    Varsity Field Hockey     Junior Varsity Basketball     Junior Varsity Lacrosse
    Junior Varsity Field Hockey          Freshman Basketball     Varsity Softball
    Varsity Golf     Varsity Swimming/Diving     Junior Varsity Softball
    Varsity Soccer     Varsity Track & Field
    Junior Varsity Soccer
    Varsity Tennis Red
    Varsity Tennis Gray
    Junior Varsity Tennis
    Varsity Volleyball
    Junior Varsity Volleyball

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