Chess Hawks Impress at Greater Cleveland Tournament

Thirty-three Hawken Lower, Middle, and Upper School chess players shined among the 260 students who participated in the final Greater Cleveland Scholastic Chess League tournamenton Saturday February 29.
K-3 Reserve (U500): Charlie Howley ’30 and Annalisia Honda ’29 tied for third place and finished 10th and 12th respectively among 43 players. Their team with Owen Chernoff ’31, Grant Hieronymus ‘30, Suhani Kapoor ’32, David Lupo-Colonna ’31, Jay Pabley ’30, Porter Schold ’31, Max Vriezen ’30, Harper Winfield ’31, Cinyi Zhang ’31, and Seawen Zhang ‘30 won the section among four schools.
4-5 Reserve (U500): Keith Duncan ’27 and Yasmin Unwala ’28 tied for fourth place and finished fourth and sixth respectively among 45 players. Their team with Audrianna Honda ’27, Mia Pabley ’27, Charlie Pinkerton ’28, Thea Sherck ’27, Rohen Suri ’28, and Anne Taich ’27 won the section among nine schools.
High School Premier (U1000): Soren Palencik ’21 and Zak Rutherford ‘20 tied for third place and finished 5th and 7th respectively among 28 players. Their team with Joe Dang ’23, Parker O’Keefe ’23, Rihan Podder ’21, and Mourad Zeynalov ‘21 came in second among six schools.
K-12 U1500: Adithya Kalyanam ’21 and Greta Rodgers ’22 tied for second place and finished third and seventh respectively among 27 players. Their team won the section among five schools.
Championship: Cody Yang ‘22 finished seventh among 19 players.
Hawken teams in K-3 Reserve (U500), 4-5 Reserve (U500), and High School Premier (U1000) sections also shined based on their accumulating scores throughout the season.
K-3 Reserve (U500): First place among 11 schools
Owen Chernoff ‘31
Arnav Guda ’31
Grant Hieronymus ’30
Annalisia Honda ’29
Charlie Howley ’30
Suhani Kapoor ’32
Roman Klinger ’31
Briggs Lincoln ‘31
David Lupo-Colonna ’31
Jude MacRaild ’31
Jay Pabley ’30
Porter Schold ’31
Spencer Steele ’31
Max Vriezen ’30
Harper Winfield ‘31
Cinyi Zhang ’31
Seawen Zhang ’30
4-5 Reserve (U500): Third place among 15 schools
Keith Duncan ’27
Audrianna Honda ’27
Gunner Lincoln ‘28
Mia Pabley ’27
Charlie Pinkerton ’28
Thea Sherck ’27
Rohen Suri ’28
Anne Taich ’27
Yasmin Unwala ’28
High School Premier (U1000): Second place among nine schools
Evan Brenner ’23
Joe Dang ’23
Spencer Fisher ’23
Parker O’Keffe ’23
Soren Palencik ’21
Rihan Podder ’21
Zak Rutherford ’20
Ryan Si ’23
Mourad Zeynalov ‘21
Congratulations to all of our Chess Hawks!

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