Praveen Kumar

Freshman, Boys Tennis

Hawken Athletics mean to me having fun, building friendships and winning matches.

Freshman, Praveen Kumar, is Boys Varsity A tennis third singles player who came up with a huge win against Orange on Thursday of last week.  Coach Smallwod says, “Praveen played a very talented third singles player from Orange and problem solved his match like a seasoned veteran (although it was only the third high school match he has ever played) he demonstrated poise, focus and determination in his win which clinched the third win for our team that day and our first victory of the season for the Hawks!”

Get to know more about Praveen:

Favorite Movie:
  Emoji Movie

Favorite Hawken Subject/Class:  Quantitative Reasoning 

Favorite Spot in Cleveland: The Q

 Favorite Athlete I look up to:  Lionel Messi

Favorite Hawken Athletic Memory: Beating Orange

What does Hawken Athletics mean to me?:  Having fun. Building friendships. Winning matches.

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