Visual Arts

Art Fundamentals
  • Explores a range of materials, processes and subject treatments
  • Focuses on drawing, printmaking, ceramics, painting, and mixed media

Design Fundamentals
  • Explores the fundamental Elements and Principles of Design using digital design processes to produce two and three dimensional works of art in the Fab Lab

Art and Design Fundamentals
  • Alternates between the Art Studio and the Fab Lab; teaches techniques of the masters, their processes and underlying design concepts
  • Introduces the full fabrication process from planning through creation using a variety of materials in the Fab Lab

Design Fundamentals and Coding
  • Provides students with a unique way to explore art techniques and creative expression utilizing the Fab lab as their art studio
  • Combines knowledge and experience of computer coding and programming with digital tools and machines to create interactive works of art

Studio Art 3
  • Provides the opportunity for students to experiment, explore and work either two- or three-dimensionally at the intense levels expected from AP students without the pressure of completing the portfolio

Studio Art 4
  • Provides the tools and techniques to put into reality a vision and hones skills using an array of materials and methods
  • Serves as an alternative  to the AP Studio class

AP Studio Art
  • Addresses the three major constants of quality, concentration and breadth
  • Prepares student portfolio for evaluation at the end of the year

Architecture and Design
  • Allows students to explore the elements and principles of art and design through computer based modeling, prototyping and iterative design
  • Encourages students to develop a unique set of visual art and fabrication skills, knowledge, and sensitivity toward creating and shaping the world around them

Ceramics & Advanced Ceramics
  • Introduces hands-on techniques of clay manipulation and craftsmanship
  • Includes a review of historical and contemporary approaches to ceramics

Sculpture & Advanced Sculpture
  • Uses a variety of materials and processes to create and manipulate forms in space through exercises in carving, modeling, casting and construction
  • Encourages the development of technical and conceptual skills and the exploration of historical and contemporary issues through art

Drawing & Painting/Advanced Drawing & Painting
  • Explores color theory, monotype printmaking, still life, self-portraiture, and figurative painting
  • Develops understanding of vocabulary, processes and general historical and design concepts

Beginning Photography
  • Covers a wide range of traditional image making processes
  • Introduces students to photo-reactive light sensitive materials used in image making
  • Highlights darkroom techniques for developing film, enlarging prints and coloring

Designing Graphics in Commercial Art
  • Teaches mastery of Adobe Photoshop as the foundation for all your digital art needs
  • Applies creativity and imagination to create good graphic designs

  • Focuses on a variety of techniques in 2D and 3D animation including flip books, stop action and flash animation
  • Enables students to create characters, storyboard their scripts, film, edit and collaborate on a series of animated shorts


Introduction to Filmmaking
  • Involves the creation of a complete live action short film generated entirely by the class, who will write scripts, direct, film, edit and create sound and visual effects using the Adobe Creative Suite and iMovie

Digital Photography
  • Involves visits to various historical areas and landmarks in greater Cleveland, which students will document with cameras, camcorders, phones and other electronic media devices
  • Includes the creation of a personalized documentary or video diary that is reflective of their new experiences in Cleveland

Graffiti and Murals
  • Focuses on the investigation between graffiti used as a form of vandalism or gang activity and compare it to the use of graffiti as a means of social and political expression
  • Explores the history of this art form and the artists who have made it fashionable and profitable locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Explores hands-on spray paint tagging, multiple stencil markings, silk screen phrases and images to morph graffiti into street art with social commentary

Wearable Art and Fashion
  • Teaches students to design, create and construct wearable art pieces from coming up with an idea, making a pattern, and choosing the materials - all while exploring the innovative world of fashion

Before the Selfie, There Was Paint! Regal, Emotional, and Digital Cool. Cultivating the Public Self in the Crosscurrents of History
  • Focuses on colorful individuals whose multiple portraits were and are meticulously designed
  • Examines the eras that shaped these individuals, their roles in shaping their eras, and the personal stories behind the images
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