World Language

Chinese I 
  • Covers pronunciation patterns, tones and basic grammatical structures  
  • Introduces writing of simplified Chinese characters  
  • Takes students through ⅔ of Level 1, volume 1 of the text series Integrated Chinese

Chinese 2/2 Honors
  • Covers most of the basic grammar structures in Chinese   
  • Emphasizes oral proficiency and short written works using structures learned   
  • Develops fluency through oral presentations and supports mastery of 700 characters

Chinese 3/3 Honors
  • Expands oral knowledge of Chinese to address more complex situations   
  • Stresses listening comprehension and speaking about Chinese culture in the target language   
  • Requires oral presentations to develop fluency

Chinese 4/4 Honors 
  • Covers a wide range of topics related to current events and Chinese culture   
  • Reinforces fluency through written work and oral presentations   
  • Supports mastery of 1500 characters

Chinese 5 Honors 
  • Solidifies knowledge of spoken and written Chinese   
  • Focuses on topics related to history, social sciences, and current events utilizing authentic resources   
  • Reinforces fluency through written work and oral presentation

French 1 
  • Develops listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills in the target language   
  • Covers the basic grammar construction of present tense   
  • Utilizes the internet as a learning and research source  for cultural and informational activities

French 2/2 Honors 
  • Enhances understanding of French language and culture through reading, writing, speaking and listening activities   
  • Encourages students to learn about cultural traditions of French speaking countries

French 3/3 Honors 
  • Focuses on perfecting the foundation of the language while introducing more complex
  • grammatical structures   
  • Introduces students to French literature

French 4/4 Honors 
  • Surveys literary styles, film and music selections in a socio-historical context   
  • Develops an awareness of culture, practices and perspectives

AP French Language & Culture 
  • Promotes fluency and accuracy   
  • Engages students in an exploration of culture in both contemporary and historical contexts   
  • Develops students’ awareness and appreciation of cultural products, practices and perspectives   
  • Prepares students for AP exam

Latin 1
  • Focuses on the basic elements of grammar, vocabulary, and syntax  
  • Explores English derivatives when learning new Latin vocabulary  
  • Integrates topics of Roman culture, history, and literature
Latin 2/2H
  • Reviews grammar and vocabulary of Latin I   
  • Exposes students to more complex syntax and new vocabulary   
  • Explores first century Roman culture and history
Latin 3/3 Honors
  • Develops reading competence through the study of prose by Cicero, Pliny the Younger, and Caesar, and poetry by Catullus, Vergil, Ovid and Martial   
  • Explores entertainment in ancient Rome through Roman prose, poetry and inscriptions
Latin 4 Honors
  • Focuses on deeper understanding of ancient texts by various authors.   
  • Emphasizes reading comprehension, and the ability to identify grammatical constructions and literary and rhetorical figures in text   
  • Alternates years with AP Vergil
AP Latin
  • Includes selections from Books 1, 2, 4, 6,10 and 12 of Vergil’s Aeneid in Latin and the entire epic in English   
  • Explores the historical, social and political context of the Aeneid   
  • Emphasizes analysis, literal translations, and figures of speech   
Spanish 1
  • Develops listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills in the target language   
  • Covers basic grammar construction of the present tense   
  • Utilizes the internet as a learning and research source for cultural and international activities
Spanish 2/2 Honors
  • Builds on listening, reading, speaking and writing skills   
  • Covers regular and irregular verbs in the preterite and imperfect tenses   
  • Expands vocabulary through meaningful cultural activities
Spanish 3/3 Honors
  • Moves students toward fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing   
  • Explores the traditions, literature, art, history and music of the Spanish speaking world   
  • Reinforces the proper use of grammatical and vocabulary structures
Spanish 4
  • Latin American or Hispanic Civilization & Culture Through Film (Spanish & Latin American alternate years)   
  • Examines the history, literature, religion, politics, arts and social customs of  Latin America or Spain through film, videos, music and literary selections
Spanish 4 Honors
  • Conversation & Composition   
  • Examines more complex language structures through reading and discussion of numerous Spanish texts
Language Immersion Trips
  • Opportunities for students to take immersion trips to strengthen linguistic ability and real life cultural experience   
  • Rotating annual immersion locales: 2013-14,  Rome and Nicaragua; 2014-15 Chile and Quebec; 2015-16, China; 2016-17, France and Nicaragua
AP Spanish Language
  • Emphasizes effective use of language for active communication   
  • Develops Spanish vocabulary and ability to comprehend, write and speak with some fluency   
  • Prepares students for AP exam
AP Spanish Literature
  • Presents great works of both Peninsular and American literature from the last 1200 years   
  • Develops skills in thematic and critical analysis across all genres   
  • Prepares students for AP exam
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