Algebra I
  • Introduces students to the algebra of the real number system
  • Covers equations and inequalities in one and two variables, polynomial and rational expressions, problem solving, irrational numbers, quadratic equations and the function concept

  • Emphasizes the inductive process through the discovery of concepts of geometry, the beginning principles of trigonometry, and the study of formal deductive proofs

Geometry Honors
  • Emphasizes the formal deductive proof; explores the major topics of Euclidean and coordinate geometry

Quantitative Reasoning
  • Explores the power of mathematics through the diversity, challenge, and elegance of mathematical thought; hones problem-solving tools including coding, modeling, data and statistics, competition-style mathematics, and independent study

Algebra II

  • Presents numerous functions including linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, rational and square root; covers matrices, systems of equations in three variables, parent functions along with some transformations, sequences, series, and basic probability

Algebra II Honors
  • Surveys topics of Algebra II and additional topics including absolute value, linear programming, and graphing linear equations in 3 variables; emphasizes graphing functions and using functions as mathematical models

  • Expands polynomial, rational, transformation, exponential, and logarithmic concepts while introducing parametric representations, conceptual limits, trigonometric functions and proof, and probability and statistics

Honors Pre-Calculus AB
  • Explores all Pre-Calculus topics as well as applications of trigonometric functions, generalized rational functions, a conceptual approach to limits, polar functions, and analytic geometry

Honors Pre-Calculus BC
  • Includes all of the topics in Honors Pre-Calculus AB and an in-depth exploration of the circular functions, analytic geometry, parametric and polar-defined relations, mathematical induction, and a formal exploration of the limits

  • Surveys the basics of calculus, including differential and integral calculus of polynomial, rational, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions, along with their applications
AP Calculus AB
  • Prepares students for advanced placement in college mathematics
  • Follows the AP AB  syllabus developed by the College Entrance Examination Board
AP Calculus BC
  • Prepares students for advanced placement in college mathematics
  • Follows the AP BC syllabus developed by the College Entrance Examination Board

AP Statistics
  • Introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data
  • Exposes students to exploring data, planning a study, anticipating patterns, and statistical inference

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
  • Covers methods of solving first-order differential equations, second-order and higher-order linear differential equations, and systems of differential equations
  • Emphasizes the application differential equations to model physics and engineering phenomena
Multivariable Calculus  
  • Studies functions in higher-dimensional spaces
  • Extends the concepts of “rate of change” and “Riemann sum” to functions of several variables, culminating in the Fundamental Theorems of Vector Calculus
  • Introduces the calculus of functions in the complex plane or ordinary differential equations 

Math Help Center Internship
  • Reviews with other students concepts, helps with homework
  • Offers different ways to think about problems
  • Possibly assists teachers during classes as a “TA”

Game Theory (Global Online Academy)
  • Explores the many applications of game theory
  • Considers significant global events from fields like diplomacy, political science, anthropology, philosophy, economics, and popular culture

Linear Algebra (Global Online Academy)
  • Examines the algebra of vector spaces and matrices by looking at how mages of objects in the plane and space are transformed in computer graphics
  • Analyzes social networks using linear algebraic techniques

Number Theory (Global Online Academy)
  • Covers the fundamentals of this classical, elegant, yet supremely relevant subject
  • Provides a foundation for further study of number theory
  • Devleops the skills of mathematical reasoning and proof in a concrete and intuitive way.


Curves, Surfaces, and Space: An Introduction to Topology
  • Introduces the topic of dimensionality and moves into several areas of higher-level geometry including: non-Euclidean geometries of hyperbolic and spherical; topology of two and three dimensional manifolds; visualization of mathematical spaces; and important formulas relation topology and geometry.
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