While we are asking families to learn new habits, we are also asking faculty and staff to do the same, including signing the Health and Safety Pledge. Faculty will be taking part in a series of workshops and trainings prior to the start of school to ensure that we all understand and have time to practice these new protocols and ways of moving and interacting. In addition to the trainings we always do each year, we will also be focused on the following topics:

  1. Proper handwashing and hand sanitizing
  2. Proper wearing and caring for masks
  3. Protocols around drop-off, pick-up, classroom practices, bathrooms, eating and drinking, outdoor spaces and equipment, and hallways
  4. How to support faculty and staff wellness 
  5. How to support student wellness
  6. Issues related to equity and inclusion
  7. Technology training on new apps, hybrid learning practices, and remote learning practices
  8. Basic first aid – knowing when a student needs to see a nurse and when we can remain in the classroom

This restart guide represents our best thinking, as well as that of experts at some of the top medical and educational institutions in the nation. Thank you to all of our medical advisors and peer schools for your guidance in helping to identify the specific protocols and resources referenced in this comprehensive plan.