Sign the Health and Safety Pledge 
All parents (on behalf of their family), Upper School students, and employees will be expected to sign the Health and Safety Pledge form. To remain an active member of the Hawken community, it is essential that everyone directly connected to the daily life of the school understand and expressly agree to safety guidelines.  

Complete medical forms
Parents need to complete and submit all required documentation through our forms system by the start of school. No one will be permitted on campus until forms are completed and submitted. This includes vital information including emergency contact information should your child present with a fever or become ill during the day.

Remain home if sick
It is critical that students, faculty, and staff stay home if they are showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or are feeling sick. Parents/guardians should report illnesses to the school and provide updates if symptoms persist or change, just as employees will report to their supervisors regarding illnesses. This information will remain confidential.

Stay home if exposed
If you or someone in your household is diagnosed with or exposed to the COVID-19 virus, it is vital that you contact your doctor, the appropriate health agencies, and the school.

Notify the school with positive COVID-19 test results. 
Families should email their division director about any positive test results and also send a notification message to

This restart guide represents our best thinking, as well as that of experts at some of the top medical and educational institutions in the nation. Thank you to all of our medical advisors and peer schools for your guidance in helping to identify the specific protocols and resources referenced in this comprehensive plan.