Families play a vital role in our reopening plan, as the school-home partnership is critical to maintaining safety on campus. We will be partnering with families through the year to ensure that safety protocols are followed, starting with mandatory parent orientation sessions with Head of School Scott Looney. The effectiveness of these efforts depends heavily on our families minimizing risk by following guidelines and directives of state and local government and public health officials when not at school. 

Should concerns arise regarding unsafe behaviors by a member of the Hawken community (traveling to hotspots, hosting sleepovers, failing to follow safety protocols, etc.), a member of the Hawken COVID Response Team will interview the individual of concern and share the information gathered with the head of school. Should the head of school have notable concerns, he may conduct a follow-up interview, and he may require the students or employee to move to remote learning, or, in extreme cases, leave the Hawken community altogether.

This restart guide represents our best thinking, as well as that of experts at some of the top medical and educational institutions in the nation. Thank you to all of our medical advisors and peer schools for your guidance in helping to identify the specific protocols and resources referenced in this comprehensive plan.